Physics 174 Schedule
Fall, 2016

Unless stated otherwise, all classes are on Tuesdays from 1:25-2:40 pm in Room 144 of the Biology building.

  1. Aug 30  Introduction and discussion about what is biophysics, and why it is an exciting interdisciplinary frontier of biology and physics.

  2. Sep   6  Professor Greg Field, understanding the retina through an massive array of electrodes

  3. Sep 13  Professor Miguel Nicolelis, brain-machine interfaces with applications to neuroprosthetics.

  4. Sep 20  Professor Laura Miller, swimming, flying, pumping, and fluid dynamics.

  5. Sep 27 Professor Warren Warren, Design and application of lasers to medical problems.

  6. Oct  4  Professor Anita Layton , Mathematcal physiology applied to kidneys

    Oct 11  No class, fall break

  7. Oct 18  Professor Nick Buchler, bistability and clocks related to gene regulatory networks

  8. Oct 25  Prof. Al Johnson , advanced magnetic resonance imaging methods and applications to brain connectomics.

  9. Nov  2  Professor Brent Hoffman , molecular tools for measuring molecular forces

  10. Nov  8  Lecture by Prof. Greenside on scaling

  11. Nov 15  Lecture by Prof. Mercer on diffusion

  12. Nov 22  Lecture by Prof Greenside on deducing macroscopic properties from microscopic properties via partition functions (Prof. Greenside)

  13. Nov 29  Student group presentations

  14. Dec   6  Student group presentations, final class

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