Physics 174 Schedule
Fall, 2013

Unless stated otherwise, all classes are on Tuesdays from 3:20-4:35 pm in Room 298 of the Physics building.

  1. Aug 27: Introduction and discussion about what is biophysics, what are current frontiers of biophysics.

  2. Sep  3: Professor Greenside "The Biophysics of Birdsong: How Do Brains Generate Precise Temporal Sequences"

  3. Sep 10: Professor Brent Hoffman "How and Why Do Cells Sense Mechanical Load?"

  4. Sep 17: Professor Sonke Johnsen, "Hidden in Plain Sight: The Biophysics of Organismal Transparency".

  5. Sep 24: Discussion on giving a scientific talk.

  6. Oct  1: Professor Craig Henriquez, "Simulating Pathophysiology: The Challenges of Building Multiscale Models to Study Cardiac Arrhythmias"

  7. Oct  8: Student presentations

    Oct 15: No class, fall break

  8. Oct 22: Professor Sheila Patek, "The evolutionary mechanics of ultrafast biological movement"

  9. Oct 29: Student presentations

  10. Nov  5: Professor Lorena Beese "Genesis and repair of DNA replication errors"

  11. Nov 12: Professor Lingchong You "Programming bacteria: fun, insight, and medicine.

  12. Nov 19: Professor Gregg Trahey, "Acoustic Radiation Force Elasticity Imaging in Diagnostic Ultrasound"

    Nov 20 Physics colloquium by biophysicist Eric Betzig "Things Great and Small: Historical Connections Between Astronomy and Microscopy"

  13. Nov 26: Talk by Prof. Mercer on the role of diffusion in biophysics.

  14. Dec  2: Course online evaluations (10 minutes), student presentations, and course summary.

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