Condensed Matter Seminar Series

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The regular time and place for this series is 11:30 am on THURSDAY in Room 298 of the Physics Building.

The main organizer is Prof. Harold Baranger :  (Email / Webpage) .

Spring 07

Feb 8 Abraham Nitzan, Tel-Aviv University
Thu 11:30 Inelastic Effects in Molecular Conduction: Inelastic Spectra, Resonant Tunneling and Noise

Feb 23 Jose Hoyos Neto, University of Missouri
Fri 11:30 Quantum Fluctuations and Disorder in Spin Chains

Feb 26 Khaled A. Al-Hassanieh, University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Lab
Mon 10:45 Electron Transport in Correlated Nanostructures

Mar 1 Michael Falvo, UNC Chapel Hill
Thu 11:30 Nanoscale Mechanical Studies using Atomic Force Microscopy

Mar 29 Alexei Marchenkov, Georgia Tech
Thu 11:30 Coherent and Dissipative Transport in Metallic Atomic-size Contacts

Apr 5 David Weitz, Harvard
Thu 11:30 New Insights into Hard Problems with Soft Materials

Apr 12 Luis Bonilla, U. Carlos III, Madrid
Thu 11:30 Quantum Drift-Diffusion Equations for Semiconductor Superlattices

Apr 26 Open 
Thu 11:30

May 10 Rodolfo Jalabert, University of Strasbourg
Thu 11:30 Transport Through a Strongly Correlated System

May 24 Ilya Grigorenko, Los Alamos National Lab
Thu 11:30 Quantum Design and Discovery of Nanodevices

June 19 Ho-Bun Chan, University of Florida
Tue 11:30 The Casimir Force and Activated Escape in Micromechanical Systems

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