Condensed Matter Seminar Series

Nanoscale Imaging of Polar and Ferroelectric Materials

Robert Nemanich

Dept. of Physics, North Carolina State University

Thursday March 18, 11:00 am, Room 234, Physics Building

Hosts: Stephen Teitsworth, Glenn Edwards

Abstract:   The polarity properties of wurtzitic III-V nitrides are important for new heterostructure devices. Similarly, ferroelectric oxide materials such PZT are considered for electronic and micro-electro-mechanical devices. Developing approaches to control the properties of surfaces and interfaces of polarity patterned surfaces may enable these and new devices which range from high frequency, high power electronics to bio and chemical sensors. In this seminar, we report approaches to image these surfaces using scanning probe techniques and electron emission microscopy with UV free electron laser excitation. Our collaboration with the Duke FELL has been critical in these studies. We will present results, which indicate that all of the materials are highly sensitive to surface and molecular termination. The results allow measurement of the electronic states and band structure near the surface with nanometer scale resolution.


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