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Condensed Matter Seminar Series

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The regular time and place for this series is 1:30pm on Thursday in room 054 of the Physics Building. 
The main organizer is Prof. Harold BarangerEmail    /   Webpage


Spring 2002

Selman Hershfield, U. Florida

A theoretical search for the optimum giant magnetoresistance
Feb 7
Eduardo Mucciolo, PUC- Rio de Janeiro

Adiabatic spin coherent pumping in quantum dots
Feb 14
David Apsnes, NC State U.

Simplified bond-hyperpolarizability model of second harmonic generation: application to Si-dielectric interfaces
Feb 21
Amit Ghosal, McMaster University

Interplay of disorder and superconductivity in 2D
 Feb 28
John Zavada, US Army Research Office

Rare Earth doping of III-V nitride semiconductors

 March 14
Gonzalo Usaj, Duke U.

The role of the spin in the Coulomb blockade in quantum dots
April 4
Alexei Kaminski, U. Maryland

Electron energy relaxation in the presence of magnetic impurities
 April 11
J. Leo van Hemmen, TU Munich 

Tunneling of quantum spins : WKB and chaos
April 18
Stefan Boettcher, Emory University

Optimization with extremal dynamics

April 25
Yue Wu, UNC

Why is easily supercooled metallic liquid special?

May 2 Weitao Yang, Duke U.

Quantum mechanical studies of protein dynamics and functions
May 3
Xiliang Nie, NREL (Colorado) 
Friday, 11:00am
First-principles predictions of new materials properties

May 9 San-Huang Ke, Duke U.

First-principle simulation of image formation in non-contact atomic-force microscopy

May 16  James Osborn, U. Utah & Duke U.

Disorder induced superconductor-insulator transition in a modified hubbard model

May 17 Alexander Finkelstein, Weizmann Inst.
Friday, 11:00am Metal-insulator transition in dilute 2D electron gas

May 28 Alex Rimberg, Rice University 
Tuesday Superconducting single-electron transistor coupled to a two-dimensional electron gas:
A model system for studies of the electromagnetic environment

June 12 Ned Wingreen, NEC
Wed, 11:00am Designability of protein structures

June 13 Jeng-Bang Yau, Princeton University
Role of spin-orbit interaction and Berry's phase in Aharonov-Bohm oscillations 

Aug 7
Xiaodong Zhang , Motorola Labs
Wed, 4:00pm
First-principles study of electron transport through atomistic metal-oxide-semiconductor structures

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