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Condensed Matter Seminar Series

The regular time and place for this series is 1:30pm on Monday in room 054 of the Physics Building. 
The main organizer is Prof. Harold BarangerEmailWebpage

Spring 2000

Jan. 10,   1:00pm
Jie Liu   -  Duke Chemistry
 Room 113
Preparation and Chemical Modification of Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes 
Jan. 24,   4:00pm
Michael Lilly  -  Cal Tech
Room 113
Stripe Formation in Two-Dimensional Electron Systems
Jan. 31,   4:00pm
Zhen Yao   -  Technical University Delft
Room 113
Carbon Nanotube Wires and Junctions
Feb. 2,   4:00pm
Alexey Bezryadin  -  Harvard 
Room 113
Quantum Superconductor-Insulator Phase Transition in Ultrathin Nanowires
Feb.  7,   4:00pm
Gleb Finkelstein  -  MIT
Room 113
Single-Electron Topography of the Quantum Hall Liquid using a Mobile Quantum Dot
Mar.16,   1:30 pm
Klaus Richter  -  MPI for Compex Systems - Dresden
Room 054
Chaos and Coherence Phenomena in Mesoscopic Quantum Dot and Antidot Structures
Mar. 30,   1:30 pm
Michel Rubinstein  -  UNC
Room 054
Electrostatic Interactions in Polymeric Systems
Apr.  3,   4:00pm
W. F. Brinkman  -  Bell Labs - Lucent Tehcnologies
Room 114
From Physics to .com : How the technology behind the internet is being created
Apr.  6,   1:30pm
A. T. Johnson  -  U.  Penn
Room 054
New Physics and Technology with Carbon Nanotubes
Apr. 17,   1:30pm
Chang-Beom Eom  -  Duke
 Room 054
Nanoscale Controlled Growth, Properties and Device Applications of
Epitaxial Heterostructures of Ferromagnetic Oxides, SrRuO3

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Spring 2001

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