Condensed Matter Seminar Series

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The regular time and place for this series is 11:30 am on THURSDAY in Room 298 of the Physics Building.

The main organizer is Prof. Harold Baranger :  (Email / Webpage) .

Fall 06

Sep 28 Dmitri Khveshchenko, UNC Chapel Hill
Thu 11:30 Coulomb Interacting Dirac Fermions in Graphene

Oct 11 Latha Venkataraman, Columbia University
Wed 2:45, rm.130 Well-Defined Single Molecule Circuits: Conductance Versus Conformation Using Amine-Gold Linkages

Oct 12 David DiVincenzo, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Thu 11:30 Qubits from Superconducting Circuits

Oct 17 Michael Reznikov, Technion
Tue 11:30 Charge Transfer Statistics Beyond the Second Moment

Oct 19 Lubos Mitas, NC State
Thu 11:30 Topology of Fermion Nodes and Pfaffian Pairing Wavefunctions

Oct 24 Charlie Kane, U. Pennsylvania
Tue 11:30 Quantum Spin Hall Effect

Nov 9 Karyn LeHur, Yale University
Thu 11:30 Quest for Novel Kondo Nano Liquids

Nov 16 Open 
Thu 11:30

Nov 30 Alexei Marchenkov, Georgia Tech
Thu 11:30 Coherent and Dissipative Transport in Metallic Atomic-size Contacts

Dec 7 Eduardo Novais, Duke
Thu 11:30 Resilient Quantum Computation in Correlated Environments

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