Condensed Matter Seminar Series

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The regular time and place for this series is 11 am on THURSDAY in Room 234 of the Physics Building.

The main organizers are :
Prof. Albert Chang :  (Email / Webpage)   and   Prof. Denis Ullmo :  (Email / Webpage).

Fall 2004

Sept 9
Eduardo Novais , Duke University and Boston University
Thu 11:00
Quantum Frustration of Decoherence in a Dissipative Two Level System

Sept 16

Sept 23

Sept 30
Andrei Kogan , U. Cincinnati
Thu 11:00
Observation of photon-induced Kondo satellites in a Single-Electron Transistor

Oct 7
Shmuel Fishman , Technion
Thu 11:00
Quantum Chaos and Atom Optics: From Experiments to Number Theory

Oct 14
Dan Ralph , Cornell
Thu 11:00
Manipulating Nanomagnets with Spin-Polarized Currents

Oct 18
Ashvin Vishwanath , UC Berkeley
Mon 11:30
Landau Forbidden Phase Transitions and Emergent Photons in Quantum Magnets

Oct 28
Karen Daniels , Duke University
Thu 11:00
Freezing, melting, and novel dynamics in granular materials

Nov 4
Christopher Roland , NC State University
Thu 11:00
First Principles Simulations of Quantum Transport for Molecular Electronic Systems

Nov 11

Nov 18
Mark Stiles , NIST
Thu 11:00
Spintronics: Exploiting the Electron's Other Degree of Freedom

Nov 25

Dec 2

Dec 9
Mansour Shayegan , Princeton
Thu 11:00
Electrons in Unusual Flatlands

Dec 16

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