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Condensed Matter Seminar Series

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The regular time and place for this series is 1:30pm on Thursday in room 054 of the Physics Building. 
The main organizer is Prof. Harold BarangerEmail   /   Webpage

Fall 2000

  September 7,   1:30pm
David Cobden - University of Warwick
 Room 054
Electrical Measurements of Individual Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes
Tuesday,  September 12,  2:15pm
Onuttom Narayan - University of California at Santa Cruz
Room 05
Stability of Granular Heaps
Sep 14, 1:30pm
Thomas Gramespacher - Duke University
 Room 054
Smearing of Coulomb Blockade by Resonant Tunneling 
Sep 21, 1:30pm
Arup Neogi - Duke University
Room 054
Intersubband Transitions In Antimonide Based Quantum Wells And Their Application To Ultrafast Near-Infrared Optical Devices 
Sep 28,  2:00pm
Hadis Morkoc - Virginia Commonwealth University
Room 054
Wide Bandgap Nitride Semiconductors:  Defects, Optical Processes, and Polarization Effects
 Oct 12,   1:30 pm
Dmitri Khveshchenko - University of North Carolina
Room 054
Dirac Fermions in d-wave Superconductors and Elsewhere 
Oct 19,  1:30pm
Horst Meyer - Duke University
 Room 054
Heat Transfer and Convection Onset in a Compressible Fluid: 3He Near the Critical Point
Oct 26,  1:30 pm
Richard Superfine - University of North Carolina
Room 054
NanoElectroMechanical Devices (NEMS) 
Nov 2,  1:30pm
Igor Aleiner - SUNY Stony Brook
Room 054
Mesoscopic Fluctuations of Coulomb Drag 
Nov 9,  1:30pm
Charles L. Kane - University of Pennsylvania 
Room 054
Carbon Nanotubes as Molecular Quantum Wires 
Nov 16,  1:30pm
Wolfgang Frey - Duke Biomedical Engineering
Room 054
Topography-Free, Functionalized Nanostructures Created By Ultraflat Nanosphere Lithography
Nov 23
No Seminar - Thanksgiving Holiday
 Nov 30,  1:30pm
Henry Everitt - ARO and Duke University
 Room 054
Generation and Control of Coherent Acoustic Phonons
Dec 7,  1:30pm
Bob Behringer - Duke University
Room 054
Fluctuations and Dynamics of Granular Materials 
Dec 19,  1:30pm
Evgenii Narimanov - Princeton
Room 054
Chaotic Light: The Physics of Asymmetric Resonant Cavities 


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