Condensed Matter Seminar Series

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The regular time and place for this series is 11:30 am on THURSDAY in Room 298 of the Physics Building.

The main organizer is Harold Baranger :  (Email / Webpage) .

Fall 12 -- Spring 13

Nov 1 Eduardo Novais, UFABC, Brazil
Thu 1:30pm The Surface Code in the Presence of Correlated Errors

Nov 29
Israel Klich, University of Virginia
Thu 11:30  Radiation Matter Entanglement in Macroscopic Electrodynamics

Jan 17
Helin Cao, Purdue University
Thu 11:30 Quantum Transport in Graphene and Topological Insulator Materials

Jan 24
A.K.M. Newaz, Vanderbilt University
Thu 11:30 Tuning Electrical and Optical Properties of 2D Atomic Crystals

Jan 31
Karen Michaeli, M.I.T.
Thu 11:30 Superconductivity in the Presence of Spin-Orbit Coupling: Old Dog, New Tricks

Feb 7
Moshe Goldstein, Yale University
Thu 11:30 Quantum Impurity Physics with Microwave Photons

May 9
Igor Bondarev, NC Central University
Thu 11:00
Possibility for Exciton Bose-Einstein Condensation in Individual Carbon Nanotubes

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