Condensed Matter Seminar Series

The Many-Body Problem and Resistance Quantization

Karyn Le Hur

Yale University

MONDAY May 9,  11:00 am,  Room ??,  Physics Building

Abstract:  Mesoscopic Circuits witness marked non-local effects in their transport properties because of electron coherence. One important consequence is the quantization of the maximum of the DC conductance in one dimension. Here, we extend the concept of universal quantized resistance to the AC regime and we make a connection with the many-body quantum physics of low-energy models. In particular, we introduce and discuss the results for the quantum RC circuit [1]. For large cavities, we relate the charge relaxation resistance and the Korringa-Shiba relation of the Kondo model. We introduce a larger class of models with a universal charge relaxation resistance. Finally, in the context of the Anderson model, we show that the mesoscopic charge relaxation can exhibit a giant magneto-resistance when applying a magnetic field.

[1] Christophe Mora and Karyn Le Hur, Nature Physics 6, 697 (2010). 

Host: Harold Baranger

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