Condensed Matter Seminar Series

Terahertz Studies of Nanotube Luttinger Physics

Daniel Prober

Yale University

Monday December 3,  ??,  Room 298,  Physics Building

Abstract:  We are developing at Yale new methods to study transport in individual high quality, metallic single-wall carbon nanotubes.  These nanotubes have been grown by the Kim group at Columbia.  Their predictable high quality and good contacts allow study of the intrinsic kinetic inductance arising from the band structure, due to the small carrier density.  Those studies are planned at GHz frequencies, using a novel resonator method.  Related studies are already underway at Terahertz (Far-IR) wavelengths, to measure electromagnetic standing waves on an individual nanotube.  The wave travels at the plasmon velocity, and its measurement with our FTIR system enables direct determination of the Luttinger parameter.  The physics and electromagnetics of these experiments will be presented on an elementary level, along with initial results.

Host: Gleb Finkelstein

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