Photo Album


Roger heroically stands in the rain for a half hour in front of the Mozumi web cam for the greater glory of the Duke Neutrino Group.

Roger at the Monkey Cam.                                Roger and Naho with the flag, but monkeys have fled!

Which one is Roger?

Kate, Jen, Naho, Mine and Maxim test outer detector electronics for the Super-K upgrade, July 2007.

Second systems test US group crew, July 2008: Jen, Ed, Hans, Brian, Kate, Josh, Mike (missing: Mine, Naho)

Naho discovers a lost Vermeer: "Young Man with a Soldering Iron"

School spirit at the Mozumi webcam (look closely at the lower left!), and in the US office.

Josh's adventures

At the Super-K collaboration meeting in Osawano, May 2010.

Enjoying Art in Toyama.

(Almost) all-hands meeting, July 2010.