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Group Meetings

Next meeting: Thursday July 14 at 11 AM in FCIEMAS 3431

Speaker: Andres gives a talk.

Journals: The goal of the journal club is to through the current issue of the journal that we are assigned (see below the schedule) and find the articles that are of general interest to the group. During journal club, each member gives a brief summary of the big picture take-away message of the articles. We save the title, authors absracts and DOI of the articles of interest in a google document so that anyone interested to learn further can go back and find the article. 

Upcoming meetings:

All meetings for Summer and Fall 2016 will take place in FCIEMAS 3431 on Thursdays from 11 AM to noon, unless otherwise noted.

 July 14 Andres 
 July 28  Aaron
Aug 11 Taimur, Meg
Aug 25 Huma
 Sep 8

Taimur (SPIE- practice talk)

Sep 22


Oct 6

Dan C.

Oct 20


Nov 3



Previous Readings


  • PRL- Aaron
  • PRA - Peng
  • PRE - Aaron
  • PRX - Meg
  • Optics Letters - Huma
  • Optics Express- Taimur
  • Chaos - Daniel C.
  • Science - Nick
  • Nature - Peng
  • Nature Physics - Taimur
  • Nature Photonics - Meg
  • Applied Physics Letters -Clinton
  • JOSA B - Taimur
  • Nature Communication - Kathryn
  • Neural Networks - Daniel C.
  • Optica - Huma
  • Nature Quantum Information - Kathryn
  • Physical Review Applied - Clinton

About RSS feeds

The APS RSS FAQ answers several questions about RSS feeds. I personally like using Google Reader because it has fast search features, and is web-based so I can use it from anywhere. The APS also has a list of other RSS feed readers for various platforms. On the department machines, Firefox and Liferea are both available in the "Internet" sub-menu.