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Group Meetings

Next meeting: Wednesday July 8

Speaker: Michael will give a mini talk.

Journals: We will review journals if there is time. Please update the Google Docs.


Upcoming meetings:

All meetings for Summer 2015 will take place in FCIEMAS 3591 on Wednesdays from 2 PM to 3 PM unless otherwise noted.



July 8 Michael will give a mini talk.
July 22 Andres and Otti will give mini talks.
August 5 Taimur will give a mini talk.
August 19 Meg and Bonnie will give mini talks.



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About RSS feeds

The APS RSS FAQ answers several questions about RSS feeds. I personally like using Google Reader because it has fast search features, and is web-based so I can use it from anywhere. The APS also has a list of other RSS feed readers for various platforms. On the department machines, Firefox and Liferea are both available in the "Internet" sub-menu.