Historical Faculty

The early members of the Duke Physics department still have a large impact on our lives in the department today. Biographies of some past members of the department can be found here.  A comprehensive list follows.

Fritz London Hertha Sponer in her Laboratory in Göttingen. Walter Gordy Portrait Lawrence C. Biedenharn William Fairbank (1952)
Fritz London Hertha Sponer Walter Gordy Lawrence Biedenharn William Fairbank
Henry W. Newson (1965) Harold W. Lewis (1965) Lothar Nordheim, 1954 Walter M. Nielsen at his desk at Duke, 1946 William Walker
Henry Newson Harold Lewis Lothar Nordheim  Walter M. Nielsen  William Walker
Edward G. Bilpuch         
Edward Bilpuch        

All former and Current Faculty


Name Title Year  
Charles W. Edwards Chair 1924-1937  
  Professor 1924-1944  
Charles C. Hatley Professor 1924 - 1953  
Walter M. Nielsen Assistant Professor 1925-1937  
  Chair 1938-1961  
  James B. Duke Professor 1946-1966  
  Professor Emeritus 1966-1981 +
David W. Carpenter Instructor 1929 -  
  Assistant Professor: Information on dates is lacking    
  Associate Professor 1946-1948  
  Professor 1948-1973  
  Professor Emeritus 1973-1985 +
Frank Woodbridge Constant Assistant Professor 1930-1943  
  Associate Professor 1943-1946  
James Carlyle Mouzon Instructor 1932-end of 1930's  
Hertha Sponer Professor 1936-1965  
  Professor Emeritus 1966-1968 +
Lothar W. Nordheim Professor 1937-1956  
  worked on Manhattan project, Oak Ridge, during World War II    
Walter M. Gordy Associate Professor 1946-1948  
  Professor 1948-1958  
  James B. Duke Professor 1958-1979  
  Professor Emeritus 1979-1985 +
W. V. Smith Assistant Professor 1946-1948  
  Associate Professor 1948-1951  
Eugene Greuling Assistant Professor 1948-1950  
  Associate Professor 1950-1951  
  Professor 1963-1975 +
Henry Newson Professor 1948-1968  
  Director, Nuclear Structure Laboratory and in 1968, TUNL 1961-1978  
  Chair, Physics Department 1973-1975  
  J. B. Duke Professor 1968-1978 +
Fritz London James B. Duke Professor (Physics and Chemistry) 1949-1954 +
Harold W. Lewis Assistant Professor 1950-1956  
  Associate Professor 1956-1959  
  Professor 1959-1986  
  Vice Provost and Dean 1963-1981  
  Chair 1981-1986  
  University Distinguished Service Professor 1983-1986  
  Professor Emeritus 1986-2000 +
P. Wang Visiting Professor 1950-1951  
Eugene Merzbacher Visiting Asst. Professor 1951-1952  
Martin M. Block Assistant Professor 1952-1957  
  Associate Professor 1957-1961  
William M. Fairbank Associate Professor 1952-1959  
R. M. Williamson Instructor, Research Associate 1952-1953  
  Assistant Professor 1953-1958  
  Associate Professor 1959-1961  
T. D. Reynolds Assistant Professor (Primary appt.: Dept. of Education) 1953-1955  
Michael. J. Buckingham Visiting Assistant Professor 1956-1959  
M. M. Duncan Visiting Assistant Professor 1956-1958  
M. H. L. Pryce Visiting Professor 1957-1958  
Horst Meyer Assistant Professor 1959-1960  
  Associate Professor 1960-1964  
  Professor 1964-1984  
  F. London Professor 1984-2005  
  F. London Professor Emeritus 2005-present  
Hermann Robl Adjunct Professor 1959-1991 +
Lawrence C. Biedenharn Professor 1961-1991  
  J. B. Duke Professor 1987-1992  
  J. B. Duke Professor Emeritus 1992-1996 +
D. R. Tilley Visiting Assistant Professor 1961-1963  
  Assistant Professor 1963-1966  
Roger Barton Lecturer 1963-1968  
Edward G. Bilpuch Assistant Professor 1963-1966  
  Associate Professor 1966-1971  
  Professor 1971-1988  
  Professor and Director, TUNL 1989-1991  
  H. W. Newson Professor 1991-1997  
  H. W. Newson Professor Emeritus 1997-2012 +
Lawrence E. Evans Assistant Professor 1963-1968  
  Associate Professor 1968-1980  
  Professor 1980-2000  
  Chair 1988-1997  
  Professor Emeritus 2000-present  
Henry A. Fairbank Professor 1963-1988  
  Chair 1963-1974  
  Professor Emeritus 1988-2011 +
Lloyd Fortney Assistant Professor 1963-1970  
  Associate Professor 1970-1987  
  Professor 1987-1999 +
Earle Fowler Professor 1963-1970  
Russell Roberson Assistant Professor 1963-1968  
  Associate Professor 1968-1974  
  Professor 1974-1998  
  Director, TUNL 1992-1996  
  Professor Emeritus 1998-present  
Hugh Robinson Associate Professor 1963-1970  
  Professor 1970-1995  
  Professor Emeritus 1995-present  
Ichiro Miyagawa Assistant Professor 1963-1965  
David S. Onley Assistant Professor 1963-1965  
Charles Rika Lecturer 1963-1964  
Dwight Saylor Assistant Professor 1963-1964  
Richard L. Walter Assistant Professor 1963-1967  
  Associate Professor 1967-1974  
  Professor 1974-2004  
  Professor Emeritus 2004-present  
Robert A. Guyer Instructor 1964-1966  
  Assistant Professor 1966-1969  
Lukas Schaller Lecturer 1964-1965  
William Beres Assistant Professor 1965-1969  
Dwight Carpenter Assistant Professor 1965-1972  
Earle Hunt Assistant Professor 1965-1969  
Michael Danos Visiting Professor 1966-1968  
Morris Davis Adjunct Professor 1966-1969  
Max Huber Assistant Professor 1966-1969  
David Morris Adjunct Professor 1966-1967  
Morris Binkley Assistant Professor 1967-1970  
Robert A. Cook Assistant Professor 1967-1970  
Moo-Young Han Assistant Professor 1967-1971  
  Associate Professor 1971-1978  
  Professor 1978-2011  
  Professor Emeritus 2011-2016  +
Ray Poore Assistant Professor 1967-1970  
Carol M. Rose, Jr. Assistant Professor 1967-1973  
John Sykes Assistant Professor 1967-1974  
Katherine Way Adjunct Professor 1967-1987 +
George S. Hayne Assistant Professor 1968-1969  
Thomas G. Dzubay Assistant Professor 1969-1976  
Nelson Lipshutz Assistant Professor 1969-1970  
Louis Wright Visiting Assistant Professor 1969-1970  
Pieter J. Brussaard Visiting Professor 1970-1071  
Ronald Y. Cusson Associate Professor 1970-1978  
  Professor 1978-1988 + 2014
William D. Walker Professor 1970-1990  
  Chair 1975-1981  
  J. B. Duke Professor 1990-1994  
  J. B. Duke Professor Emeritus 1994-2010 +
Eberhard K. Riedel Assistant Professor 1970-1974  
  Associate Professor 1974-1975  
Frank C. DeLucia Assistant Professor 1971-1976  
  Associate Professor 1977-1983  
  Professor 1983-1990  
  Chair 1986-1987  
Rainer Bass Visiting Professor 1971-1972  
Thomas D. Hayward Assistant Professor 1971-1972  
Wayne J. Holman III Visiting Associate Professor 1971-1972  
George R. Reiter Visiting Assistant Professor 1971-1972  
Ronald Blum Adjunct Associate Professor 1972-1973  
Joseph S. Loos Assistant Professor 1972-1976  
Alfred Goshaw Assistant Professor 1973-1978  
  Associate Professor 1978-1984  
  Professor 1984-2000  
  J.B.Duke Professor 2000-present  
Geoffrey Golner Assistant Professor 1974-1975  
Dewey T. Lawson Assistant Professor 1974-1979  
  Adjunct Associate Professor 1983-2000  
  Adjunct Professor 2000-present  
Paul W. Lisowski Assistant Professor 1974-1976  
Sven Maripuu Lecturer 1974-1975  
Zvi Friedman Visiting Assistant Professor 1975-1979  
Fearghus O'Foghludha Adjunct Professor 1975-1993  
Kent Smith Assistant Professor 1975-1979  
Brian Buck Visiting Professor 1977-1978  
Mikael Ciftan Adjunct Professor 1977-present  
Peter Lucas Assistant Professor 1977-1982  
  Associate Professor 1983-1984  
Charles E. Nelson Assistant Professor 1977-1979  
  Adjunct Assistant Professor 1979-1986  
Richard G. Palmer Assistant Professor 1977-1982  
  Associate Professor 1983-1991  
  Professor of Physics (Secondary appts.: Computer Science, and 1991-2015  
  Psychology and Neuroscience)    
  Professor Emeritus 2015-  
Stephen Wender Assistant Professor 1977-1980  
John Kolena Visiting Assistant Professor 1978-1979  
  Assistant Professor 1979-1980  
  Adjunct Assistant Professor 1981-2001  
  Adjunct Professor 2001-2008  
Henry Weller Visiting Associate Professor 1978-1979  
  Associate Professor 1979-1981  
  Professor 1981-2009  
  Professor Emeritus 2009-present  
Mickey Mukkunda Visiting Professor 1979-1980  
Roger C. Byrd Assistant Professor 1981-1982  
  Assistant Professor 1983-1984  
Bob D. Guenther Adjunct Professor 1981-present  
Eric Herbst Associate Professor 1981-1985  
  Professor 1985 -1993  
George L. Rogosa Adjunct Professor 1981-2008 +
Robert P. Behringer Assistant Professor 1982-1986  
  Associate Professor 1986-1991  
  Professor 1991-1995  
  J. B. Duke Professor (Secondary appts.: Computer Science, Mechanical 1995-present  
  Engineering and Material Sciences)    
  Chair 1999-2002  
Yossef Dothan Visiting Associate Professor 1984-1985  
Seog Oh Assistant Professor 1984-1991  
  Associate Professor 1991-2000  
  Professor 2000-present  
Joan Adler Visiting Assistant Professor 1985-1986  
  Visiting Professor 1996-1997  
Philippe Martin Visiting Associate Professor 1985 -1986  
Laurence B. Meyer Visiting Lecturer 1985-1986  
Werner Tornow Assistant Research Professor 1985-1990  
  Associate Research Professor 1988-1994  
  Research Professor 1994-1999  
  Professor 1999-2011  
  Professor Emeritus 2011-present  
  Director of TUNL 1996-2006  
Calvin Howell Assistant Professor 1986-1992  
  Associate Professor 1992-2001  
  Professor 2001-present  
  Director TUNL 2006-present  
David Skatrud Adjunct Assistant Professor 1986-1992  
  Adjunct Associate Professor 1992-2000  
  Adjunct Professor 2000-present  
John Thomas Associate Professor 1986-1991  
  Professor 1991-2006  
  F. London Professor 2006-2011  
  F. London Professor Emeritus 2011-present  
Douglas Holmgren Visiting Assistant Professor 1987-1988  
Donald N. Bittner Visiting Assistant Professor 1987-1988  
Henry Greenside Associate Professor (Joint: Computer Science) 1987-2000  
  Professor 2000-present  
Michael Stroscio Adjunct Professor 1987-2001  
John M. J. Madey Professor and Director of DFELL 1989-1998  
Gerald J. Iafrate Adjunct Professor 1989-1997  
G. Allen Johnson Associate Professor (Joint: Radiology) 1989-1996  
  Professor (Joint: Radiology) 1996-2002  
  Charles E. Putnam Professor (Joint: Radiology) 2002-present  
Stephen Teitsworth Assistant Professor 1989-1995  
  Associate Professor 1995-present  
  Associate Professor and Associate Chair 2009 - present  
Stephen Benson Assistant Research Professor 1990-1992  
Hayward Evans Adjunct Professor 1990-1992  
Max Lohe Visiting Associate Professor 1990-1991  
Robert Brown Visiting Assistant Professor 1990-2006  
  Visiting Professor 2006-2010  
  Lecturer 2010-present  
Berndt Mueller Professor 1990-1996  
  J. B. Duke Professor 1996-present  
  Chair 1997-1999  
  Dean of Natural Sciences 1999-2005  
Alec Schramm Lecturer 1990-1992  
Allan H. Sorenson Visiting Associate Professor 1990-1991  
Leslie E. Bauman Visiting Professor 1991-1992  
Reza Haque Lecturer 1991-2001  
Vladimir Litvinenko Associate Research Professor 1991-1995  
  Assistant Professor 1995-1996  
  Associate Professor 1996-2004  
  Adjunct Professor 2004-2006  
Thomas Phillips Assistant Research Professor 1991-1999  
  Associate Research Professor 1999-present  
Daniel Gauthier Assistant Professor 1992-1998  
  Associate Professor 1999-2002  
  Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Associate Professor 2002-2004  
  Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Professor 2005-2007  
  Professor of Physics 2007-2011  
  Robert C. Richardson Professor 2011-2015  
  Chair 2005-2011  
  Interim Chair Jan.2015-Aug.2015  
  Research Professor of Physics Aug. 2015 - present  
Henry Everitt Adjunct Assistant Professor 1992-2000  
  Adjunct Professor 2000-present  
Alfred M. Lee Assistant Professor 1992-2000  
Ricardo Pantazis Assistant Professor (Primary appt.: Computer Science) 1992-1994  
Joshua Socolar Assistant Professor 1992-1999  
  Associate Professor 1999-2011  
  Professor 2011-present  
Roxanne P. Springer Assistant Professor 1992-2000  
  Associate Professor 2000-2011  
  Professor 2011-present  
David K. Straub Visiting Professor 1992-1993  
  Research Professor 1993-1997  
Abhijit Nagchaudhuri Assistant Research Professor 1994-1995  
Carsten H. Greiner Visiting Assistant Professor 1994-1995  
Patrick G. O'Shea Assistant Professor 1994-1999  
Peter Thompson Assistant Professor (Primary appt.: Engineering) 1994-1996  
Wesley Scott Wilburn Lecturer 1994-1996  
John Townsend Visiting Professor 1995-1996  
Atanas Troyanov Adjunct Assistant Professor 1995-1996  
Ludwig DeBraeckeleer Assistant Professor 1996-2002  
Konstantin Matveev Assistant Professor 1996-2000  
  Associate Professor 2000-2005  
Dirk Rischke Visiting Assistant Professor 1996-1997  
Sergei G. Matinian Visiting Professor 1997-2000  
M. Ronen Plesser Assistant Professor 1997-2002  
  Associate Professor 2003-2014  
  Associate Professor and Associate Chair 2003-2006  
  Professor and Professor iin the Program of Education 2014-present  
Paul S. Aspinwall Assistant Professor (Primary appt.: Mathematics) 1998-2004  
  Associate Professor (Primary appt.: Mathematics) 2004-2008  
  Professor (Primary appt.: Mathematics) 2008-present  
Andrea Bertozzi Associate Professor (Primary appt.: Mathematics) 1998-1999  
  Professor (Primary appt.: Mathematics) 1999-2004  
  Adjunct Professor 2005-2008  
Shailesh Chandrasekharan Assistant Professor 1998-2004  
  Associate Professor 2004-present  
Eom Chang-Beom Associate Professor (Primary appt.:Electrical and Computer Engineering) 1998-2002  
Brett Hooper Assistant Professor (Primary appt.: Biomedical Engineering) 1998-2004  
Ashutosh Kotwal Assistant Professor 1998-2005  
  Associate Professor 2005-2010  
  Professor 2010-2014  
  Fritz London Professor 2014-present  
David Morrison J. B. Duke Professor (Primary appt.: Mathematics) 1998-2008  
Arlie O. Petters William and Sue Gross Associate Professor of Mathematics 1998-2003  
  Benjamin Powell Professor of Mathematics and Physics 2003-2008  
  Benjamin Powell Professor of Mathematics, Physics 2009-present  
  and Business Administration    
Vaclav Vylet Adjunct Assistant Professor 1999-present  
Harold U. Baranger Professor 1999-present  
  Chair 2002-2005  
Glenn Edwards Professor 1999-present  
  Professor, Director DFELL 1999-2008  
Bruce West Adjunct Professor 1999-present  
Steffen Bass Assistant Professor 2000-2008  
  Associate Professor 2008-2012  
  Professor 2012-present  
Toni Feder Adjunct Assistant Professor 2000-2004  
Gleb Finkelstein Assistant Professor 2000-2008  
  Associate Professor 2008-2015  
  Professor 2015-present  
Craig Fowler Assistant Professor (Primary appt.: Ophthalmology) 2000-2003  
Mark Kruse Assistant Professor 2000-2008  
  Associate Professor 2008-present  
Mary Creason Lecturer 2001-2006 +
Anna Lin Assistant Professor 2001-2008  
William W. McNairy Lecturer 2001-2009  
Ghi R. Shin Visiting Professor 2001-2004  
  Visiting Professor 2007-2008  
Michael Strickland Visiting Assistant Professor 2001-2002  
Ying Wu Assistant Professor 2001-2007  
  Assistant Professor and Associate Director, DFELL 2004-present  
  Associate Professor 2007-2014  
  Professor 2014-present  
Haiyan Gao Associate Professor 2002-2008  
  Associate Chair 2006-2009  
  Professor 2008-2012  
  Henry Newson Professor 2012-present  
  Chair 2011-2015  
Thomas Mehen Assistant Professor 2002-2008  
  Associate Professor 2009-present  
Denis Ullmo Visiting Associate Professor 2002-2005  
Ehsan Samei Assistant Professor,(Primary appt.: Radiology) 2002-2006  
  Associate Professor, (Primary appt.: Radiology 2006-2008  
  Professor (Primary appt.: Radiology and Biomedical Engineering) 2008-present  
Albert M. Chang Professor 2003-present  
Dipangkar Dutta Assistant Research Professor 2003-2006  
  Adjunct Assistant Professor 2007-2009  
Eduardo Mucciolo Visiting Associate Professor 2003-2004  
Igor V. Pinayev Assistant Research Professor 2003-2004  
  Adjunct Assistant Professor 2005  
Kate Scholberg Assistant Professor 2003-2007  
  Associate Professor 2007-2008  
  Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Associate Professor of Physics 2009-2012  
  Professor of Physics 2012-present  
Christopher Walter Assistant Professor 2003-2011  
  Associate Professor 2011-present  
Mohammad Ahmed Assistant Research Professor 2006-2013  
  Adjunct Associate Professor 2013-present  
Martine Chevrollier Visiting Profesor 2006-2008  
Marcos Oria Visiting Professor 2006-2008  
Anton Tonchev Assistant Research Professor 2007-2011  
Karen Daniels Adjunct Assistant Professor 2008-present  
Kang Seog Lee Visiting Professor 2008-2009  
Jian-Guo Liu Visiting Professor 2008-2009  
  Professor of Physics and Mathematics 2009-present  
Jacqueline Krim Visiting Professor 2008-2009  
David Smith Professor (Primary appt.: Electrical and Computer Engineering) 2009-present  
Stefano Curtarolo Associate Professor (Primary appt.: Mechanical Engineering and Material 2009-2012  
  Professor (Primary appt.: Mechanical Engineering and Material Science) 2012-present  
Ayana Tamu Holloway Arce Assistant Professor 2009-present  
Ryohei Yasuda Assistant Professor (Primary appt.: Neurobiology) 2009-present  
Matthew Hastings Visiting Professor 2009-2010  
  Associate Professor 2010-2014  
Nicholas Buchler Assistant Professor (Joint: Biology) 2009-present  
Patrick Charbonneau Assistant Professor (Primary appt.: Chemistry) 2009-2015  
  Associate Professor 2015-present  
David N. Beratan Professor (Primary appt.: Chemistry) 2009-present  
Igor Akushevich Adjunct Assistant Professor 2011-2014  
Paul M. Baker Adjunct Assistant Professor 2011-2014  
Hubert L. Bray Professor (Primary appt.: Mathematics) 2011-present  
James T. Dobbins III Associate Professor (Primary appt.: Radiology) 2011-present  
Jungsang Kim Associate Professor (Primary appt.: Computer and Electrical Engineering) 2011-present  
Hannah Petersen Visiting Assistant Professor 2011-2012  
Warren S.Warren Professor (Primary appt.:Chemistry) Member Duke Cancer institute 2013- present  
  Chair Aug.2015- present  
Maiken Mikkelsen Assistant Professor (Joint appt:Electrical and Computer Engineering) 2013-present  
Phillip S. Barbeau Assistant Professor 2014-present  
Sara Haravifard W.M. Fairbank Assistant Professor 2015- present  
Thomas Barthel C.H. Townes Assistant Professor 2015-present  
+ Deceased, while at Duke, in the last year shown, or with indicated year.      
* This list may be incomplete or have some inaccuracies. If you know of any corrections      
that should be made, please contact Horst Meyer <hm@phy.duke.edu>