Highlights of the Graduate Program


  • 6 core courses.
  • Tailored to student's goals and needs.
  • Modern graduate courses.
  • Two elective courses.
  • No breadth requirements.
  • Optional mini-courses.
  • No qualifying exams.

Research programs

  • Students research can start early.
  • Students usually have until the end of the fourth semester to decide on research groups.
  • Collaborations with other departments are possible.
  • Advisors could be outside the department (if doing Physics).

People and Places

  • 70–90 graduate students and 44 faculty.
  • Excellent interaction between faculty members and graduate students.
  • In Durham, North Carolina, in the South-East USA.
  • A medium sized department, and a medium sized city.

Admissions & Applications

  • The applications are processed by the Duke Graduate School.
  • Application deadline is December 31 each year for Fall admissions the next year. However, please read the review process to find out why it is advantageous to apply early.


  • All students are given assistantships (TA, or RA, or fellowships).
  • The normal assistantships comes with a stipend of $29,373 per year.
  • The Cost of Living is less than most other good institutions.
  • The tuition and most fees are paid by the assistantships.
  • Usually, the health insurance premium is paid by the Graduate School.