Graduate Student Seminar


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Seminars are held on Fridays at 12:00 PM (Noon) in Physics Room 298 or 299 this semester.

The seminars are given by Duke Physics graduate students and post-docs and run between 20 and 40 minutes in length. The atmosphere is intended to be friendly and that of a learning experience for everyone involved. No faculty attend the seminar, to enhance the atmosphere of a meeting of equals.

All Duke Physics graduate students are strongly encouraged to attend and all post-docs are invited.

Lunch, usually pizza, is provided.

Sept. 18: Hao Zhang
Quasibound States and Evidence for a Spin 1 Kondo Effect in Asymmetric Quantum Point Contacts

Sept. 28: Somayeh Farhadi
Dynamical Slowing Down for Sheared Granular Materials

Oct. 5: Jon Mueller
Measurements of Prompt Fission Neutron Polarization Asymmetries From Various Actinides

Oct. 19: Marco Bertolini
Massless Spectrum of Hybrids Landau-Ginzburg Models

Nov. 2: Bonnie Schmittberger
Towards single-photon control of transverse optical patterns

Nov. 9: David Rosin
Experiments on large complex networks: an approach with autonomous logic gates

Nov. 16: Georgios Laskaris
Three-body photo-disintegration of 3He with double polarizations at 12.8 MeV and 14.7 MeV

Dec. 7: GSO Ombudspeople and Executive Committee
Graduate Student Resources

Jan. 11: Chip Watson
High Performance Computing at Jefferson Lab

Feb. 21: Kevin Claytor
Detecting Doubly Labeled Singlet States with Natural Abundance Samples

Feb. 28: Lynn Kaack
Interdependent Complex Networks - How can we optimize stability of infrastructures?

Mar. 05: Mauricio Pilo-Pais
SERS-like Plasmonic Enhancement of Raman Spectroscopy in DNA Origami-based Complex Metallic Nanostructures

Mar. 21: Marco Bertolini
String Theory - F.A.Q.

Mar. 28: Venkitesh Ayyar
Fermion Mass Generation without Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking?

Apr. 4: Chung-Ting Ke
Resonant tunneling and Kondo effect in a dissipative environment and quantum phase transitions

Apr. 18: Joel Greenberg
Compressed sensing and its application to molecular imaging using x-rays

May 2: Chris Pollard
This talk might be about the Higgs.

May 9: Seth Cohen
Subwavelength Sensing Using Nonlinear Feedback in a Wave-Chaotic Cavity

May 17: Huaixiu Zheng
Interacting Photons in Waveguide-QED and Applications in Quantum Information Processing

May 28: Kevin Finelli
Measurements of the production cross section of top quark pairs using the ATLAS detector at the LHC

May 28: Marco Bertolini
Hybrid heterotic vacua

May 28: Kristen Collar
Characterization of Band Bending and the Surface Composition of InAs Native Oxide Layers Created with Molecular Beam Epitaxy Termination Layers of In and As

May 28: Fritz Kretzschmar
A Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Method using Trefftz Approximations