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Seminars are held on Fridays at noon in the faculty lounge (Physics Room 298).

The seminars are given by Duke Physics graduate students and post-docs and run between 25 and 50 minutes in length. The atmosphere is intended to be friendly and that of a learning experience for everyone involved. No faculty attend the seminar, to enhance the atmosphere of a meeting of equals.

All Duke Physics graduate students are strongly encouraged to attend and all post-docs are invited.

Lunch, usually pizza, is provided. Please bring at least $0.25 (per 2 slices) to help with the tip on days when there is pizza.

The 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006 schedules are also available.

January 6th: No Talk

January 13th: No Talk

January 20th: Samadrita Roychowshury Emittance Optimization in Electron Beams Using Digital Light

January 27th: Qiang (Alan) Ye Polarized 3He Relaxation Studies @ Low T

February 3rd: Brian Tighe Contact forces and pressure fluctuations on a hyperstatic lattice

February 10th: Brian Bunton Studies in Chiral Perturbation Theory

February 17th: Joe Kinast Thermodynamics and superfluidity of a strongly interacting Fermi gas

February 24th: No Talk

March 3rd: Meng Ru Li Robust Propagation of Bursts in Self Synchronized Birdbrain Circuitry

March 10th: Kevin Chalut Using Light Scattering and Interferometry for Determining Nuclear Morphology

March 17th: Alan Spring Break

March 24th: Bradley Marts Transition from traveling to standing waves in 4:1 resonance

March 31st: Rob Saunders Impact of Physical Measures of Image Quality on Diagnosis

April 7th: Nathan Kundtz Scanning Hall Probe Microscopy

April 14th: Heejeong Jeong Direct Observation of Optical Precursors in a Cold Potassium Gas

April 21st: Chang-Won Lee Control of spontaneous emission rate by resonant surface plasmon coupling - basic concepts and physics

April 28th: Matthew Prior Low Temperature Conductive Tip Scanning of Single Walled Carbon Nanoubes

May 5th: Sven Rinke Everything You Always Wanted to Know About String Theory (But Were Afraid to Ask)

May 12th: none none

May 19th: Andrew Dawes Improving the bandwidth of SBS-based slow-light delay

May 26th: James Esterline Neutron-Helium-3 Analyzing Power at Low Energies and Helium-3 Photon Analyzing Power at 15 MeV

June 2nd:

June 9th:

June 16th: John Wambaugh The Physics of Dense Granular Matter

June 23rd: Matthew Prior and Brian Tighe Finding a Postdoc

June 30th: Anand Priyadarshee Quantum Critical Behavior of Hard Core Boson

July 7th: Mary Kidd coming up!

July 14th: Leah Broussard Neutron beta asymmetry measurement using ultra-cold neutrons

July 21st: Mary Kidd The Majorana Project and the Segmented Enriched Germanium Assembly

July 28th:

August 4th:

August 11th:

August 18th:

August 25th:

September 1st:

September 8th:

September 15th:

September 22nd:

September 29th:

October 6th:

October 13th: Qiang (Alan) YeA search for the neutron electric dipole moment

October 20th: Brian BuntonPartially Quenched Pion Charge Radii on the Lattice

October 27th: Bryon Neufeld Dilepton Production in Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions

November 3rd: Huidong XuDynamics of Nonlinear electronic transport in semiconductor superlattices

November 10th:

November 17th: Bradley Marts The influence of spatial coupling on temporal oscillations

November 24th: No Seminar - Thanksgiving

December 1st: Mary Kidd Results for the Cross Section of the Reaction $^{12}$C(n,n'$\gamma$)$^{12}$C$^*$ (4.44 MeV) at $E_n$=6.2 and 6.34 MeV using Gamma Ray Detection

December 8th: Seth Henshaw -Seminar rescheduled to a date TBD

December 15th:

December 22nd:

December 29th:


Please contact Nasser Demir to schedule a seminar or alter an incorrect entry.