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Seminars are held on Fridays at noon in the faculty lounge (Physics Room 234).

The seminars are given by Duke Physics graduate students and post-docs and run between 25 and 50 minutes in length. The atmosphere is intended to be friendly and that of a learning experience for everyone involved. No faculty attend the seminar, to enhance the atmosphere of a meeting of equals.

All Duke Physics graduate students are strongly encouraged to attend and all post-docs are invited.

Lunch, usually pizza, is provided. Please bring at least $0.25 to help with the tip on days when there is pizza.

The 2003 and 2004 schedules are also available.


January 7th : No Talk, Winter recess

January 14th : Matt Kiser - Physics at the Phytotron

January 21st : James Esterline - Double Beta Decay

January 28th : Nick Early - Automated Counterterm Computation for Renormalizable QFT

February 4th : Nate Kundtz - Tertiary Detector Element for the Auger Observatory

February 11th : Ji-Woo Lee - Monte Carlo methods - Worms and Clusters

February 18th : Andy Dawes - Ultra-Low Power Optical Switching

February 25th : Brad Marts - Effects of Inhomogeneities on Spiral Wave Dynamics in the Belousov-Zhabotinsky Chemical Reaction

March 4th : John Foreman - Unprecedented Optical Properties of ZnO Nanowires

March 11th : Matthew Blackston - Measuring the Polarizability of the 3He Nucleus

March 18th : Samadrita Roychowdhury - High Brightness Electron Beams (Spring Break)

March 25th : Kevin Chalut - Electron Pulse Tomograpgy at the FELL (March Meeting)

April 1st : John Wambaugh - Circulation in Asymmetric Granular Hoppers

April 8th : Le Luo - Quantized Vortex in Superfluid Fermi Gases

April 15th : Bason Clancy - Sound Velocity in a Strongly-Interacting, Degenerate Fermi Gas

April 22nd : Ken McKenzie - A Brief History and Overview of Cryptography

April 29th : Heejeong Jeong - Observation of Optical Precursors (Graduate Reading Period)

May 6th : Trush Majmudar - Contact Force Measurements and Stress Induced Anisotropy in 2D Granular Systems (Final Exams)

May 13th: Shomeek Mukhopadhyay - Starbursts and related instabilities in surfactant laden droplets

May 20th: Xin Qian - Probing the Light Quark Sea Flavor Asymmetry and Measuring the Neutron Transversity in Semi-inclusive Charged Meson Electroproduction

May 27th: Brad Marts - Disease Dynamics on Networks

June 3rd: James Esterline - Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay: A Plausible Tool for Measuring Neutrino Mass

June 10th: Ilarion Melnikov - Clouds on the Horizon: Observations Versus Naturalness

June 17th: Peng Li - Polarized Incandescent Light Emission from Carbon Nanotube

June 24th: Qiang Ye (Alan) - Recent progress on neutron EDM experiment, Nanjing University and Tibet

July 1st: Seth Henshaw - Interpolation of Magnetic Fields: An Application of the Lagrange Interpolation Technique

July 8th: Phillip Wu - Quantum Dots: What are quantum dots, how do they work, and why are they important

July 15th: Ilarion Melnikov - Fields, Strings, Circles, Kaluza, and Klein

July 22nd: Rob Saunders - Monte Carlo modeling of photon scattering in x-ray imaging

July 29th: Arya Roy - Conformal Field Theory

August 5: Joel Greenberg - Investigation of Uniform Plasma Channel Generation for Short Laser Pulse Amplification

August 12: James Joseph - RF Spectroscopy in 6Li - At the BEC-BCS Crossover

August 19: Xing Zong (Michael) - Compton scattering on a Polarized 3He target at HIGS

August 26: John Wambaugh - Graph Percolation as an Analog to Granular Force Networks

September 2: Anne Catlla - Pattern Formations In Impulsively Forced Faraday Waves, Vol. I

September 9: Anne Catlla - Pattern Formations In Impulsively Forced Faraday Waves, Vol. II

September 16: MengRu Li - Synchronous wave propagation in a weakly coupled network - Bird brain study

September 23: Zheng Gao - Building neural networks in culture

September 30: Brad Marts - Nonlinear mode mixing and period doubling to explain 6:1 resonance

October 7: Samadrita Roychowdhury - Tranverse Laser Beam Shaping in High Brightness Eelctron Gun

October 14: Martin Frank - Activation of the GABA(A) Receptor
October 21: James Esterline - Analyzing Powers of Neutron-Helium-3 Elastic Scattering and Helium-3 Three-body Photodisintegration

October 28: Andrew Dawes - Slow-Light in Optical Fiber

November 4: Brian Tighe - Elastic Response Functions
November 11: Martin Frank

November 18: Carolyn Berger - Evidence for a border collision bifurcation in paced cardiac tissue

November 25: No Talk Thanksgiving Break

December 2: Fabio Altomare - Quantum Phase Slips in 1D superconducting aluminum nanowire

December 9: Matthias Sperl - Glass Transitions in Soft Matter

December 16: Matt Kiser - NSECT, Beef Liver, Napoleon, and JFK: an introduction to neutron activation analysisi

December 23: Holiday break

December 30: Holiday break

Please contact Andy Dawes to schedule a seminar or alter an incorrect entry.