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Time and Location

Seminars were held on Fridays at 12pm during the Spring and Summer Semesters, and at 1pm during the Fall Semester. All seminars were held in the faculty lounge.
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January 2nd : No Talk, Winter recess

January 9th : Brian Tighe - Modeling Force Chains in Granular Materials

January 16th : Qiang Ye - A New Search for The Neutron Electric Dipole Moment

January 23th : Sung Ha Park - DNA Nano Science and Technology

January 30th : Kenneth McKenzie - The Mystery of Damascus Steel

February 6th : Fu-Jiun Jiang - Chiral symmetry of strongly coupled lattice SU(N) gauge theory

February 13th : Lucas Illing - Parameter estimation for simple neuron models

February 20th : Ilarion Melnikov - Applications of string theory

February 27th : Oleg Tretiakov - Stochastic current switching in bistable resonant tunneling structures

March 5th : Hana Dobrovolny - Bioelectricity: Techniques for measuring electrical signals in living tissue

March 12th : Le Luo - From Bose-Einstein condensate to Fermionic Condensate

March 19th : Stephen Granade

March 26th : Brian Utter

April 2nd : Anand Priyadarshee

April 9th : Andrew Dawes - Quantum state measurement with array detection

April 16th : Matthew Blackston - Beam Diagnostics at HIGS

April 23th : Angelo Bove - SHPM (Scanning Hall Probe Microscopy

April 30th : Jean-Philippe Matas - The distribution of rigid particles in laminar pipe flow : lateral migration and trains of particles

May 7th : Ilarion Melnikov - Summing the Instantons: an example

May 14th : Anand Jayaraman - Spatiotemporal chaos in Rayleigh-Benard convection system

May 21st : Eric Monson - Quantification of Experimental Neuron/Glial Cell Dynamics

May 28th : Matthew Kiser - Plant Physiology Studies Using Positron Emission Imaging

June 4th : Serguei Vorojtsov - Spin Qubits in Multi-Electron Quantum Dots

June 11th : Hongying Peng - Time-resolved Spectroscopic Analyses of Eu3+ Clusters in GaN

June 18th : Xomalin Peralta - Biophysical Investigation of Tissue Dynamics: Experimental Evidence for Force Regulation

June 25th : Ribhu Kaul - Quantum Impurities

July 2nd : John Foreman - Characterization and Applications of Ultrafast Optical Pulses

July 9th : Andrew Dawes - Presenting Results with LaTeX: Using Slides ansd Posters

July 16th : Fabio Altomare - Superconductivity in Ultra-thin Aluminum Nanowires

July 23rd : T. Brian Bunton - Heavey Baryon Chiral Perturbation Theory

July 30th : Bradley Marts - Non-Equilibrium Ising-Bloch Bifurcation

August 6 : Shomeek Mukhopadhyay - Thin Fluid Films Under Stress

August 13 : Peidong Yu

August 20 : Jie Hu

August 27 : Ilarion Melnikov - Large N QCD and String Theory

September 3 : Joe Kinast - Hypnosis and Memory Recovery: Theories, Findings, and Warnings

September 10 : Bob Cook-Deegan

September 17 : Brian Tiburzi - Light Front Quantum Mechanics

September 24 : Matt Prior -- Cooling

October 1 : Alan Ye -- 3He Relaxation Studies at Low Temperatures

October 8 : Bason Clancy -- Temperature Measurements of Ultra-Cold Gases

October 15 : Rob Saunders

October 22 : Carolyn Berger

October 29 : Brian Tighe -- A Hyperstatic Lattice Model of Granular Materials

November 5 : MengRu Li -- Synfire Chain Networks in a Songbird Sensory-Motor Integration Pathway

November 12 : Sven Rinke -- Symmetries in (Particle) Physics

November 19:

November 26: No Talk, Thanksgiving break

December 3 : Kevin Chalut

December 10 : John Wambaugh -- Theory of Elasticity

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