Optical Microresonators: Quantum Chaos and much more

Martina Hentschel

Optical microresonators, besides their application potential of manipulating light in optical communication devices, are interesting model systems for the field Quantum Chaos. Unlike the typically studied hard wall billiards, the boundary is replaced by a refractive index barrier such that the system is open. For the dielectric disk and annular resonators, we demonstrate the implementation of ray methods (ray optics, Poincare SOS) and wave techniques (solution of Maxwell's equations, S-matrix theory), as well as the ray-wave, or classical-quantum, correspondence in real and phase space. In various examples we discuss the capability of the ray model and show how it can be improved by semiclassical corrections like the Goos-Haenchen shift. We define Husimi functions at dielectric interfaces and use it to study a variant of the inside-outside duality appropriate for optical systems.

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