Generation of Single-photon Fock States Using Stimulated Raman Scattering by Adiabatic Passage and Generalization to Multi-photon States.

Jean-Philippe Smits

The process known as Stimulated Raman scattering by adiabatic passage (STIRAP can occur when two light pulses in a specific order interact with a three-level atom to generate a photon. An ingenious experimental setup developed by Rempe /et al./ replaces one of the light fields by a strong cavity field formed by two highly reflective mirrors. The photon is forced to leave the cavity through one specific mirror by reducing the reflectivity of this mirror. In theory, such a setup can be used to generate single-photon Fock states on demand. This paper develops the basic theory and the technical requirements for generating single-photon Fock States using the STIRAP process. This paper also discusses different research directions that I could undertake and some experiments that will explore further the STIRAP process

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