Student Seminar Homepage Archive: 2003

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Time and Location

Seminars were held on Fridays at noon in the faculty lounge.
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June 6th : Matthew Prior - Study of Electron Electron Interaction by Scanning Probe Microscopy

June 13th : Michael Stenner - The information velocity in "fast light" optical pulse propagation

June 20th : Emily Longhi - Harmonic Generation at Duke Free Electron Laser Lab

June 27th : Staci Hemmer - Cold Fermi Gas or Neutron Star? -- Universal Mean Field Interactions in an Strongly-Interacting Fermi Gas

July 11th : Brian Bunton - Chiral Perturbation Theory: Introduction and Applications

July 18th : Brent Perdue - Compton Scattering By Nuclei At HIgS

July 25th : Ilarion Melnikov - Why do particle theorists like supersymmetry?

August 1st : Chang-Won Lee - Energy Back Transfer in Eu-doped GaN - Numerical Solution of Rate Equations

August 8th : John Wambaugh - Pressure within Granular Materials

August 15th : Brian Utter - Shearing of Granular Materials

August 22nd : Bradley Marts - Resonance and Pattern Formation in a Reaction Diffusion System

August 29th : Fabio Altomare - Fabrication of Small Nanowires

September 5th : Mike Gehm - MOT, FORT, QUEST, and all that: An Informal Talk on Atomic Cooling and Trapping

September 12th : Trush Majmudar - Determination of Contact Forces in Model Granular Systems

September 19th : Karen Daniels - Shearing and order in vibrationally fluidized 3D granular flows

September 26th : Amanda Sabourov - The Study of Deuterons on Lithium at Low Energies

October 3rd : MengRu Li - Reinforcement Spike-timing-dependent Plasticity (STDP) models of Learning for Songbird's and Monkey's Sensorymotor Systems

October 10th : James Esterline - Neutron-Deuteron Analyzing Power at Various Energies

October 17th : Ilan Harrington - Controlling Discrete Systems via Time-Delay Feedback

October 24th : Brian Wecht (UCSD) - Renormalization Group flows and the c-theorem

October 31st : Sven Rinke - Scattering of Light by Light

November 7th : Hana Dobrovolny - Cardiac Dynamics: The New Restitution Portrait

November 14th : Rob Saunders - Impact of Physical Measures of Image Quality on Diagnosis

November 21st : Martina Hentschel - Optical Microresonators: Quantum Chaos and much more

November 28th : No Talk, Thanksgiving recess

December 5th : John Wambaugh - Granular Flow in a Tilted Hopper

December 12th : Jean-Philippe Smits - Generation of Single-photon Fock States Using Stimulated Raman Scattering by Adiabatic Passage and Generalization to Multi-photon States

December 19th : No Talk, Winter recess

December 26th : No Talk, Winter recess