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Grads-Chair Meetings


Twice a semester the Chair of the Physics Department is scheduled to have a lunch meeting with the Graduate students. Food will be provided.
The GSO Events page has the schedule.


Student Seminars


Be sure to attend the Student Seminars on Fridays at noon. You can find more information on the GSO Events page and a schedule of speakers on the Student Seminars page.
If you would like to volunteer as a speaker, or have any questions about the event, e-mail Kevin Claytor, the coordinator for the Fall 2011 GSS.


Department T-shirt


The Duke Physics Department T-shirt is going strong for a few years now. Every current graduate student will get one free T-shirt. Thanks for the support of the Department.
Contact Georgios Laskaris if you have not yet received your T-shirt for last year (academic year 2010-2011).


Message from the DGS


The Director of Graduate Studies for the physics department (DGS) is Dr. Shailesh Chandrasekharan. Feel free to use his electronic anonymous suggestion box.



The web page is maintained by a new student every year, hence there are likely to be errors, omissions, and broken links.
If you notice anything that needs to be fixed please send an e-mail with [GSO-WEB] in the subject to Kevin Claytor


Last update: August 9, 2012