Departmental History

Interviews of Former and Present Faculty Members

From the edited interviews included in this section of the Physics Department website, we learn about the Physics Department, and about the research and teaching experiences of former and current members of the Duke Physics Department in the second half of the twentieth century. We also gain insight, for this same period of time, into the evolution of Duke University and the city of Durham. Horst Meyer and Maxine Stern together organized the interviewing project, which is currently ongoing. Maxine Stern conducted the interviews. Barry Wilson provided technical assistance. Finn Cohen and Emily Ladue did the film editing.

Distinguished Faculty

The early members of the Duke Physics department still have a large impact on our lives in the department today. Biographies of some past members of the department can be found here in this directory of Distinguished Faculty

History of the Department of Physics

A series of essays describing the foundation and evolution of Duke physics in four parts

1924 to 1945 1946 to 1962
1963 to 1985 1986 to 2005