Physics Course List

Course Number Title Curriculum Codes Crosslisting Numbers
PHYSICS89S First-Year Seminar
PHYSICS131K Frontiers of 21st Century Physics NS, STS
PHYSICS127S Physics and the Universe NS
PHYSICS131S-1 Introductory Seminar on Big Questions in Physics NS, STS
PHYSICS133 The Physics of Sports NS
PHYSICS134 Introduction to Astronomy NS, QS
PHYSICS136 Acoustics and Music NS, R, W MUSIC126
PHYSICS137S Energy in the 21st Century and Beyond NS, STS Energy and the Environment
PHYSICS138S Physics Research and the Economy NS, STS
PHYSICS141L General Physics I NS, QS
PHYSICS141LA General Physics I NS, QS
PHYSICS142L General Physics II NS, QS
PHYSICS142LA General Physics II NS, QS
PHYSICS151L Introductory Mechanics NS, QS
PHYSICS152L Introductory Electricity, Magnetism, and Optics NS, QS
PHYSICS153L Applications of Physics: A modern perspective NS, QS
PHYSICS161D Fundamentals of Physics I NS, QS
PHYSICS161L Introductory Experimental Physics I NS, QS, W
PHYSICS162D Fundamentals of Physics II NS, QS
PHYSICS162L Introductory Experimental Physics II NS, QS, W
PHYSICS174 Introduction to Frontiers of Biophysics NS, STS
PHYSICS190 Special Topics in Physics
PHYSICS190A Duke-Administered Study Abroad: Special Topics in Physics
PHYSICS190S Special Topics in Physics
PHYSICS190S-1 Special Topics in Physics
PHYSICS264L Optics and Modern Physics NS, QS
PHYSICS271L Electronics NS, QS Information Science and Information Studies
PHYSICS305 Introduction to Astrophysics NS, QS
PHYSICS320L Optics and Photonics NS Electrical and Computer Engineering 340L, Visual and Media Studies 325L
PHYSICS361 Intermediate Mechanics NS, QS
PHYSICS362 Electricity and Magnetism NS, QS
PHYSICS363 Thermal Physics NS, QS Electrical and Computer Engineering 311
PHYSICS390A Duke-Administered Study Abroad: Advanced Special Topics in Physics
PHYSICS414 Introduction to Biophysics NS, QS BIOLOGY 418
PHYSICS417S Advanced Physics Laboratory and Seminar NS, QS, R, W
PHYSICS464 Quantum Mechanics I NS, QS
PHYSICS465 Quantum Mechanics II NS, QS
PHYSICS485 Scientific Arguments: Writing an Undergraduate Thesis W BIOLOGY 495
PHYSICS491 Independent Study: Advanced Topics
PHYSICS493 Research Independent Study R
PHYSICS495 Thesis Independent Study R, W
PHYSICS501 Survey of Nonlinear and Complex Systems NS Nonlinear and Complex Systems 501, Modeling Biological Systems
PHYSICS505 Introduction to Nuclear and Particle Physics NS, QS
PHYSICS509 Quantum Nanophysics NS
PHYSICS513 Nonlinear Dynamics QS, R Computer Science 524, Modeling Biological Systems
PHYSICS522 Special and General Relativity NS, QS
PHYSICS562 Fundamentals of Electromagnetism QS
PHYSICS563 Introduction to Statistical Mechanics NS, QS
PHYSICS566 Computational Physics NS, QS
PHYSICS590S Selected Topics in Theoretical Physics
PHYSICS603 Representation Theory QS Mathematics 603
PHYSICS621 Advanced Optics QS Electrical and Computer Engineering 541, Biomedical Engineering 552
PHYSICS622 General Relativity NS, QS Mathematics 527
PHYSICS627 Quantum Information Science NS, QS Electrical and Computer Engineering 523
PHYSICS655 Astrophysics NS, QS
PHYSICS671 Quantum Optics NS, QS
PHYSICS715 Advanced Quantum Mechanics I
PHYSICS719 Advanced Electrodynamics
PHYSICS721 Introduction to Accelerator Physics
PHYSICS732 Advanced Quantum Optics
PHYSICS745 Accelerator Physics for USPAS
PHYSICS752S Seminar Techniques
PHYSICS760 Mathematical Methods of Physics
PHYSICS761 Classical Mechanics
PHYSICS762 Electrodynamics
PHYSICS763 Statistical Mechanics
PHYSICS764 Quantum Mechanics
PHYSICS765 Graduate Advanced Physics
PHYSICS766S Physics Research Seminar
PHYSICS771 Mini-Course on Current Research in Physics
PHYSICS772 Mini-Course on Methods for Physics Research
PHYSICS781 Quantum Field Theory
PHYSICS782 Advanced Quantum Field Theory
PHYSICS804 Advanced Topics in Statistical Mechanics
PHYSICS805 Electromagnetic and Weak Interactions in Nuclear Physics
PHYSICS806 Radiation Detection
PHYSICS808 Introduction to High-Energy Physics
PHYSICS810 Advanced Solid-State Physics
PHYSICS813 Advanced Topics in Nonlinear and Complex Systems Computer Science 724
PHYSICS814 Introduction to Fluid Mechanics
PHYSICS816 Advanced Quantum Mechanics II
PHYSICS846 Topics in Theoretical Physics
PHYSICS861S Physics of Free-Electron Lasers
PHYSICS995 Graduate Training Internship