Thomas C Mehen

Associate Professor

249 Physics
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Jet Shapes in SCET at the LHC
to be submitted to JHEP (2014)

Line Shapes for the Z_c(3900) using Effective Field Theory
to be be submitted to Phys. Rev. D (2014)

Fragmenting Jet Functions with Angularities
to be submitted to Phys. Rev. D (2014)

Radiative Decays of X(3872) in XEFT with Charged Mesons
to be submitted to Phys. Rev. D (2014)

Heavy Hadron Chiral Perturbation Theory and the New Quarkonium Resonances
to be submitted to Prog. Part. Nucl. Phys. (2014)

Dynamically Massive Gluons and Hybrid Quarkonium Potentials from AdS/QCD
to be submitted to Phys. Rev. D (2014)

Production of Stoponium at the LHC
Phys. Rev D89:075010 (2014)

Ph.D. - Johns Hopkins University
B.S. - University of Virginia

Nucleon-Nucleon Effective Field Theory at NNLO: Radiation Pions and $^1S_0$ Phase Shift
In Proceedings of the INT Workshop on Nuclear Physics with Effective Field Theory edited by P. Bedaque, M. Savage, R. Seki, U. L. Van Kolck. ; : World Scientific.

Leptoproduction of $J/\Psi$
In Proceedings of the 29th International Conference on High Energy Physics (ICHEP 98) edited by A. Astbury, D. Axen, J. Robinson. ; : World Scientific.