Stephen W. Teitsworth

Associate Professor

089 Physics
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On the Origin of Power-Law Probability Distributions Associated with Noise-Induced Current Switching in Semiconductor Superlattices
to be submitted to Physical Review B (2014)

Measurement of anomalous scaling behavior associated with noise-induced current switching in a tunnel diode

Dependence of switching path distributions on relative noise intensities in a model of electrical conduction in a tunnel diode circuit

Steering Most Probable Escape Paths by Varying Relative Noise Intensities
Physical Review Letters (2014)

Steering most probable escape paths by varying relative noise intensities

Noise-Induced Current Switching in Semiconductor Superlattices: Observation of Nonexponential Kinetics in a High-Dimensional System
Physical Review Letters (2012)

An Averaging Method for Tunnel Diode Circuit Behavior
to be submitted to IEEE Journal of Electron Devices (2012)

Shot Noise Amplification in Weakly-Coupled Semiconductor Superlattices

Rare transition events in non-equilibrium systems with state-dependent noise: application to stochastic current switching in semiconductor superlattices

Scaling behavior of metastable state lifetimes in semiconductor superlattices

PhD - Harvard University
A.M. - Harvard University
BS - Stanford University

Controllable bifurcation processes in undoped, photoexcited GaAs/AlAs superlattices
In Proceedings of the 5th experimental chaos conference edited by M. Ding et al.. ; : .

Quantum chaos effects in mechanical wave systems
In Proceedings of the 16th Sitges conference edited by D. Reguera et al.. ; : .