Stephen W. Teitsworth

Associate Professor

089 Physics Bldg, Durham, NC 27708
(919) 660-2560
(919) 660-2525


Nonlinear wave methods for electronic transport in condensed matter systems

Emergence of current branches in a series array of negative differential resistance circuit elements
Journal of Applied Physics (2010)

On the possibility of a shunt-stabilized superlattice THz emitter
Applied Physics Letters (2010)

Symmetry-breaking transitions in networks of nonlinear circuit elements
New Journal of Physics (2010)

Dynamics of electronic transport in a semiconductor superlattice with a shunting side layer
Physical Review B (2009)

Dependence of electric field domain relocation dynamics on contact conductivity in semiconductor superlattices
Physical Review B (2007)

Negative differential conductance and bistability in undoped GaAs/AlGaAs quantum-cascade structures
Journal of Applied Physics (2006)

Formation of electric-field domains in GaAs/AlGaAs quantum cascade laser structures
Physical Review B (2006)

Time distribution of the domain boundary relocation in superlattices
Physica B (2002)

Relocation dynamics of domain boundaries in semiconductor superlattices
Physical Review B (2002)

Prof. Stephen W. Teitsworth's research centers on experimental, computational, and theoretical studies of deterministic and stochastic nonlinear electronic transport in nanoscale systems. Three particular areas of current interest are: 1) stochastic nonlinear electronic transport phenomena in semiconductor superlattices and tunnel diode arrays; 2) complex bifurcations associated with the deterministic dynamics of electronic transport in negative differential resistance systems; and 3) strategies for stabilizing negative differential resistance systems against the formation of space-charge waves.

Ph.D. - Harvard University
A.M. - Harvard University
BS - Stanford University
1999 Traditional Fulbright Scholarship, Council for International Exchange of Scholars