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252 Physics
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Using the decay asymmetry of psi(4160) -> X(3872) gamma to investigate the properties and quantum numbers of the X(3872)

X(3872) -> psi(2S) gamma and psi(4040) -> X(3872) gamma
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Two parity violating asymmetries from np->d gamma in pionless effective field theories
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On the scattering of D and D* mesons off the X(3872)
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Can fermions save large N dimensional reduction?
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An Effective-field-theory analysis of low-energy parity-violation in nucleon-nucleon scattering
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Even- and Odd-Parity Charmed Meson Masses in Heavy Hadron Chiral Perturbation Theory
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Heavy-Quark Symmetry and the Electromagnetic Decays of Excited Charmed Strange Mesons
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SU(3) Predictions for Weak Decays of Doubly Heavy Baryons -- Including SU(3) Breaking Terms
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The Anapole Form Factor of the Deuteron
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PhD - California Institute of Technology