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He-3 and pd scattering to next-to-leading order in pionless effective field theory
Physical Review C (2014)

Polarized photodisintegration of polarized He-3 in pionless EFT

“Including charged mesons in XEFT of X(3872) Radiative Production and Decay

Parity Violation in the Few-Nucleon System
Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics (2013)

Parity Violation in Photonuclear Reactions at HIGS – Submission to Snowmass 2013: Intensity Frontier, arXiv:1307.8178

3He and pd Scattering to Next-to-Leading Order in Pionless Effective Field Theory

Parity-violating neutron spin rotation in hydrogen and deuterium
European Physics Journal A48 (2012)

Review: The Theory of Parity Violation in Few Nucleon systems
to appear in Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics (2012)

Using the decay asymmetry of psi(4160) -> X(3872) gamma to investigate the properties and quantum numbers of the X(3872)

PhD - California Institute of Technology

Parity violation in the NN interaction
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Heavy Hadron Chiral Perturbation Theory Applied to the Charmed Meson Parity Partners
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Hyperons and Hypernuclei
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An Effective Theory of QCD for Hyperons and Hypernuclei
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