Paul S Aspinwall

Professor of Mathematics and Physics

244 Math
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(919) 660-2874
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A Point's Point of View of Stringy Geometry
J. High Energy Phys. (2003)

The monomial-divisor mirror map
Duke Mathematical Journal (1993)

Multiple mirror manifolds and topology change in string theory
Physics Letters B (1993)

Topological field-theory and rational curves
Communications In Mathematical Physics (1993)

Quantum algebraic-geometry of superstring compactifications
Nuclear Physics B (1991)

Geometry of mirror manifolds
Nuclear Physics B (1991)

Construction and couplings of mirror manifolds
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Searching for 3-generation calabi-yau manifolds
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An N = 2 Dual Pair and a Phase Transition
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A Note on the Equivalence of Vafa's and Douglas's Picture of Discrete Torsion
J. High Energy Phys. 12 (2000) 029 (0)

Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics - Oxford
2001 Langford Lecture, Duke
1999 Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship, Alfred P. Sloan Foundadtion
1998 Invited Talk at ICM, ICM