Paul S Aspinwall

Professor of Mathematics and Physics

244 Math
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(919) 660-2874
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Topological D-Branes and Commutative Algebra
Communications in Number Theory and Physics (2009)

D-Branes on Toric Calabi-Yau Varieties

The Landau-Ginzburg to Calabi-Yau Dictionary for D-Branes
J.Math.Phys. (2007)

Black Hole Entropy, Marginal Stability and Mirror Symmetry
J. High Energy Phys. (2007)

The Landau-Ginzburg to Calabi-Yau Dictionary for D-Branes
J. Math. Phys. (2007)

Computation of Superpotentials for D-Branes
Commun. Math. Phys. (2006)

Superpotentials for Quiver Gauge Theories
J. High Energy Phys. (2006)

An Analysis of Fluxes by Duality

Massless D-Branes on Calabi-Yau Threefolds and Monodromy
Commun. Math. Phys. (2005)

Fixing all Moduli for M-Theory on K3xK3.
J. High Energy Phys. (2005)

Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics - Oxford
2001 Langford Lecture, Duke
1999 Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship, Alfred P. Sloan Foundadtion
1998 Invited Talk at ICM, ICM