Patrick Charbonneau

Associate Professor

5329 French Science, 124 Science Drive, Durham, NC 27708
Campus Box: 
(919) 613-6261
(919) 660-1605


Soft matter perspective on protein crystal assembly.
Colloids and surfaces. B, Biointerfaces (2016)

Phase ordering of zig-zag and bow-shaped hard needles in two dimensions.
The Journal of chemical physics (2015)

Dimensional study of the dynamical arrest in a random Lorentz gas
Physical Review E (2015)

Phase transformations in binary colloidal monolayers.
Soft matter (2015)

Jamming criticality revealed by removing localized buckling excitations.
Physical review letters (2015)

Martensitic Transformations in Binary Colloidal Monolayers
Soft Matter (2015)

Martensitic Transformations in Binary Colloidal Monolayers
Soft Matter (2015)

Professor Charbonneau studies soft matter. His work combines theory and simulation to understand the glass problem, protein crystallization, microphase formation, and colloidal assembly in external fields.

BS - McGill University, Montreal
Ph.D. - Harvard University
B.S. - McGill University (Canada)
2013 Top 20 Reviewers for 2012, Journal of Chemical Physics
2013 Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
2012 Mention of Teaching Excellence, Duke University
2011 Open Eye Award, American Chemical Society
2009 Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award, Oak Ridge National Laboratory