Mark C Kruse

Fuchsberg-Levine Family Professor of Physics

283 Physics
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(919) 660-2564


Searches for the Higgs boson decaying to W+W−→ℓ+νℓ−ν¯ with the CDF II detector
Phys.Rev.D88 (2013) 052012 (2013)

Search for Higgs Bosons decaying to pairs of $W$-Bosons
Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 021802 (2009)

Combined performance tests before installation of the ATLAS Semiconductor and Transition Radiation Tracking Detectors
JINST 3:P08003,2008 (2008)

Past, Present and Future Highlights in Top and Higgs Physics from the CDF Experiment.
In Particles and Fields, Tenth Mexican School on Particles and Fields edited by U. Cotti, M. Mondragon, G. Tavares-Velasco. ; : American Institute of Physics.

2013 Dean's Leadership award, Duke University
2012 Bass Society of Fellows, Duke University
2012 Fuchsberg-Levine Family chair of physics