Margaret E. Shea

Research Assistant

Campus Box: 
(919) 660-5421


I am a graduate student and University Scholar in the Duke Physics department where I work in Dan Gauthier's Quantum Electronics Laboratory. I am building a single neutral atom remote entanglement experiment for use in a quantum repeater protocol. Distributed entanglement = Fundamentally Secure Communication!


Meg received her BS from Yale University and is now a PhD candidate in Physics at Duke University.  Meg is part of the quantum electronics laboratory where she is building an experiment to trap a single atom to use as a quantum bit (qubit) in quantum computing and quantum communication protocols. She is focused on improving the links between memory qubits of matter and flying qubits of light.  Meg is also part of the University Scholars Program at Duke, which focuses on interdisciplinary communication and learning.  Before starting her PhD, Meg taught high school physics and math for 3 years in England.  She loves talking about science, so teaching was a wonderful experience for her.  Outside of the lab, Meg enjoys eating fresh, local food and playing ultimate frisbee.

BS cum Laude - Yale Univeristy
University Scholar, Duke University, 2011-present
Townes - Perkin-Elmer Fellowship, Duke University Physics Department, 2011