Joshua E. S. Socolar


096 Physics
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Regulatory Logic and Pattern Formation in the Early Sea Urchin Embryo
Journal of Theoretical Biology (2013)

Causal structure of oscillations in gene regulatory networks: Boolean analysis of ordinary differential equation attractors
Chaos (2013)

Autonomous Boolean modelling of developmental gene regulatory networks
J. Royal Soc. Interface (2013)

Partial ordering in a three dimensional anisotropic spin model

Limit-periodic ordering in a lattice model in two and three dimensions

Emergence of competence for cell fate reprogramming
Developmental Biology (2013)

Forcing nonperiodicity with a single tile
The Mathematical Intelligencer (2012)

PhD - University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
BA - Haverford College, Haverford, PA

Time-delay control for discrete maps
In Handbook of Chaos Control edited by E. Scholl and H. G. Schuster. December, 2007; : Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH.

Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
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Growth Rules for Quasicrystals
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The Alternation Condition and 2D Quasicrystals
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Locality Constraints and 2D Quasicrystals
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2013 Top 5% in undergraduate instruction at Duke University, Dean of Arts and Sciences and Dean of Academic Affairs, Trinity College
2011 Top 5% in undergraduate instruction at Duke University, Deans of Arts and Sciences and Trinity College
2008 Outstanding Referee, American Physics Society