Jianfeng Lu

Assistant Professor

120 Science Drive, Physics Building, Durham, NC 27708
(919) 660-2875


Analysis of the divide-and-conquer method for electronic structure calculations
Math. Comp. (2015)

Gentlest ascent dynamics for calculating first excited state and exploring energy landscape of Kohn-Sham density functionals
J. Chem. Phys. (2015)

Frozen Gaussian approximation for high frequency wave propagation in periodic media

Sparsifying preconditioner for soliton calculations

Orbital-free density functional theory of out-of-plane charge screening in graphene
J. Nonlinear Sci. (2015)

Fast algorithm for periodic density fitting for Bloch waves

Localized density matrix minimization and linear scaling algorithms

Sharp decay estimates of discretized Green's functions for Schrodinger type operators

Combining 2D synchrosqueezed wave packet transform with optimization for crystal image analysis

Strang splitting methods for a quasilinear Schrodinger equation - convergence, instability and dynamics
Commun. Math. Sci. (2015)

Jianfeng Lu is an applied mathematician interested in mathematical analysis and algorithm development for problems from computational physics, theoretical chemistry, materials science and other related fields.

Ph.D. - Princeton University
BS - Peking University
2015 CAREER Award, National Science Foundation
2013 Sloan Research Fellowship, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
2008 Porter Ogden Jacobus Fellowship, Princeton University