Jian-Guo Liu


285 Physics Bldg, Durham, NC 27708
Campus Box: 
(919) 660-2500


A random particle blob method for the Keller-Segel equation and convergence analysis
Math. Comp. (2015)

Convergence of diffusion-drift many particle systems in probability under a Sobolev norm

An exact solution for Stokes flow in a channel with arbitrarily large wall permeability
SIAM J Applied Math (2015)

Well-Posedness and Singular Limit of a Semilinear Hyperbolic Relaxation System with a Two-Scale Discontinuous Relaxation Rate
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Evolution of wealth in a non-conservative economy driven by local Nash equilibria
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A Local Pressure Boundary Condition Spectral Collocation Scheme for the Three-Dimensional Navier–Stokes Equations
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Asymptotic-preserving schemes for kinetic-fluid modeling of disperse two-phase flows with variable fluid density
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Convergence analysis of the vortex blob method for the b-equation
Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems- Series A (2014)

Flow on Sweeping Networks
Multiscale Modeling & Simulation (2014)

Evolution of the distribution of wealth in an economic environment driven by local Nash equilibria
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Ph.D. - University of California at Los Angeles
M.S. - Fudan University (China)
B.S. - Fudan University (China)