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097 Physics
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Stable propagation of a burst through a one-dimensional homogeneous excitatory chain model of songbird nucleus HVC
Physical Review E (2006)

Characterization of the domain chaos convection state by the largest Lyapunov exponent
Physical Review E (2006)

Enhanced tracer transport by the spiral defect chaos state of a convecting fluid
Physical Review E (2005)

Pattern Formation and Dynamics in Rayleigh-Benard Convection: Numerical Simulations of Experimentally Realistic Geometries
Physica D (2003)

Efficient simulation of three-dimensional anisotropic cardiac tissue using an adaptive mesh refinement method
Chaos (2003)

Efficient algorithm on a nonstaggered mesh for simulating Rayleigh-Benard convection in a box
Physical Review E (2003)

Mean Flow Dynamics of Stripe Textures and Spiral Defect Chaos in Rayleigh-Benard Convection
Physical Review E (2003)

PhD - Princeton
MS - Princeton
BA - Harvard University

Simulating Complex Dynamics In Intermediate And Large-Aspect-Ratio Convection Systems
In 18th Symposium on Energy Engineering Sciences edited by . ; : Argonne National Laboratory.

Spatiotemporal Chaos in Large Systems: The Scaling of Complexity With Size
In Semi-Analytic Methods for the Navier Stokes Equations edited by K. Coughlin. ; pp. 9-40. : American Mathematical Society, Providence, RI.

The Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Generalized Tonic-Clonic Seizure EEG Data: Relevance To the Clinical Practice of Electroconvulsive Therapy
In Nonlinear Dynamics in Brain Function edited by . ; : In Press.

The EEG Effects of ECT: Implications for rTMS
In Progress in Neuropsychopharmacology and Biological Psychiatry edited by . ; : In Press.

2001 Barbara and Randall Smith Duke Faculty Enrichment Award