Gleb Finkelstein


Director of Graduate Studies

093 Physics, Science Drive, Durham, NC 27708
Campus Box: 
(919) 660-2523
(919) 660-2525


Intracellular neural recording with pure carbon nanotube probes
PLoS ONE (2013)

Phonon bottleneck in graphene-based Josephson junctions at millikelvin temperatures
Physical Review Letters (2013)

Nonequilibrium quantum transport through a dissipative resonant level,
Physical Review B (2013)

Observation of Majorana quantum critical behaviour in a resonant level coupled to a dissipative environment
Nature Physics (2013)

Ultra-sharp metal and nanotube-based probes for applications in scanning microscopy and neural recording,
Journal of Applied Physics (2012)

Pb-Graphene-Pb josephson junctions: Characterization in magnetic field
IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity (2012)

Intracellular neural recording with pure carbon nanotube probes
Nature Nanotechnology (2012)

Gleb Finkelstein is an experimental physicist interested in inorganic and biologically inspired nanostructures: carbon nanotubes, graphene, nanocrystals and self-assembled DNA 'origami'. These objects reveal a variety of interesting electronic properties that may become a basis for future devices and sensors. His group's research is evenly divided between studies of electronic properties of nanostructures, and DNA self-assembly. Recently, he started a collaborative project on developing novel probes for intracellular neural recording.

PhD - Weizmann Institute of Science
Ph.D. - Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel)
M.S. - Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel)
B.S. - Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
2003 NSF Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Awards, NSF