Forrest Q. Friesen

424 TUNL
(919) 660-2536


Lithium wall conditioning and surface dust detection on NSTX
Physica Scripta (2011)

Techniques for injection of pre-characterized dust into the scrape-off layer of fusion plasma
Fusion Engineering and Design (2011)

Evaluation of an electrostatic dust removal system with potential application in next-step fusion devices
Review of Scientific Instruments (2011)

I offer private tutoring for students taking physics courses, and have 5 semesters of physics teaching experience between my time at Duke University and Grinnell College.

My teaching pedagogy focuses on improving intuition for the relevant concepts, which can then be used to build up understanding of the underlying mathematics. Learning physics presents unique challenges, especially for first-time students. However, anyone can tackle these difficulties with an approach that works for them, and enjoy the equally unique satisfaction of better understanding the mechanisms of universe. Please feel free to send me an email for rate and scheduling inquiries.

BA In Physics with Honors - Grinnell College