David R. Smith

James B. Duke Professor

130 Hudson Hall


Experimental comparison between conventional and hybrid long-range surface plasmon waveguide bends
Physical Review A (2008)

Optical design of reflectionless complex media by finite embedded coordinate transformations
Physical Review Letters (2008)

Experimental demonstration of electromagnetic tunneling through an epsilon-near-zero metamaterial at microwave frequencies
Physical Review Letters (2008)

Scattering theory derivation of a 3D acoustic cloaking shell
Physical Review Letters (2008)

Circuit verification of tunneling effect in zero permittivity medium
Applied Physics Letters (2007)

Isotropic frequency selective surfaces made of cubic resonators
Applied Physics Letters (2007)

Characterizing the effects of disorder in metamaterial structures
Applied Physics Letters (2007)

Transformation-designed optical elements
Optics Express (2007)

Realization of a super waveguide for high-power-density generation and transmission using right- and left-handed transmission-line circuits
Physical Review E (2007)

Description and explanation of electromagnetic behaviors in artificial metamaterials based on effective medium theory
Physical Review E (2007)

PhD - University of California, San Diego
BS - University of California, San Diego
2008 Descartes Prize for Research, European Union
2008 Top 100 Science Accomplishments for 2006, Discover Magazine (Cloaking)
2008 Top 50 Researchers, Scientific American
2008 Top Ten Breakthroughs for 2003, Science Magazine (Negative Index Materials)
2008 Top Ten Breakthroughs for 2006, Science Magazine (Cloaking)