Calvin R Howell

Professor and Director, TUNL and Duke FEL Lab

414 TUNL
Campus Box: 
(919) 660-2632
(919) 660-2634


Measurements of the 48Ca(gamma,n) Reaction
Physical Review C (2011)

Asymmetry Dependence of Nucleon Correlations in Spherical Nuclei Extracted from a Dispersive- Optical-Model Analysis
Phys. Rev. C (2011)

Cross-Section Measurements of Neutron-Induced Reactions on GaAs Using Monoenergetic Beams from 7.5 to 15 MeV
Phys. Rev. C (2011)

Discovery of Low-Lying E1 and M1 Strengths in 232Th
Phys. Rev. C (2011)

Discrete Deexcitations in 235U Below 3 MeV from Nuclear Resonance Fluorescence
Phys. Rev. C (2011)

Characterization of an INVS Model IV Neutron Counter for High Precision (gamma,n) Cross-Section Measurements
Nucl. Instrum. Methods A (2011)

Differential Cross Section for Neutron Scattering from 209Bi at 37 MeV and the Weak Particle-core Coupling
Physical Review C (2010)

Neutron-deuteron Analyzing Power Data at 19.0 MeV
Physical Review C (2010)

Measurement of the 241Am(γ,n)240Am reaction in the giant dipole resonance region
Physical Review C (2010)

A Feasibility Study Using Radiochromic Films for Fast Neutron 2D Passive Dosimetry
Physics in Medicine and Biology (2010)

Doctor of Philosophy - Duke University
Master of Art - Duke University
Bachelor of Science - Davidson College
2006 Fellow, American Physical Society