Calvin R Howell

Professor and Director, TUNL and Duke FEL Lab

414 TUNL
Campus Box: 
(919) 660-2632
(919) 660-2634


Measurement of the elastic scattering cross section of neutrons from argon and neon
Physical Review C (2013)

New limits on Beyond Standard Model physics from a measurement of the half-life of the T=1/2 mirror decay of 19Ne
Physical Review Letters (2013)

Parity Violation in Photonuclear Reactions at HIGS -- Submission to Snowmass 2013: Intensity Frontier
arXiv:1307.8178 [nucl-th] (2013)

Nuclear physics detector technology applied to plant biology research
Nucl.Instrum.Meth. A (2013)

Cross Section Measurement of 9Be(gamma,n)8Be and Implications for alpha + alpha +n --> 9Be in the r-Process
Physical Review C (2012)

Cross-section Measurements of 2H(n, np)n in Symmetric Star Configurations
Physical Review C (2012)

Dipole Response of 238U to Polarized Photons Below the Neutron Separation Energy
Physical Review C (2012)

PhytoBeta Imager: A Positron Imager for Plant Biology
Physics of Medicine and Biology (2012)

Experiment on direct nn scattering: The radiation-induced outgassing complication
Nucl.Phys. A (2012)

Neutron scattering from Si-28 and S-32 from 8.0 to 18.9 MeV, dispersive optical model analyses, and ground-state correlations
Physical Review C (2012)

Doctor of Philosophy - Duke University
Master of Art - Duke University
Bachelor of Science - Davidson College

GEM*STAR: The Alternative Reactor Technology Comprising Graphite, Molten Salt, and Accelerators
In Handbook of Nuclear Engineering edited by Dan Gabriel Cacuci. ; New York, NY: Springer.

2006 Fellow, American Physical Society