Arlie O Petters

Benjamin Powell Professor

(919) 660-2812
(919) 660-2821


A Mathematical Theory of Stochastic Microlensing II. Random Images, Shear, and the Kac-Rice Formula
J. Math. Physics (2009)

Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry: Student and Teacher Editions

Scientific Reasoning: Student and Teacher Editions

PSE Mathematics: Student and Teacher Editions

2012 Grand Marshal, 2012 Central American Parade in L.A., received certificate of recognition from the mayor of L.A.
2011 Caribbean American Heritage Award for Excellence in Science and Technology
2011 Robert L. Clark Award for Scientific Achievement
2010 Chairman, Belize Prime Minister's Council of Science Advisers
2008 Honorary Doctor of Science, Hunter College of City University of New York
2008 Named by the Queen of England to Membership in the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire
2007 Award for Service to the Educational Development of Belize, Belizean organization, Friends in Support of the Diocese of Belize, New York
2006 Portrait Inductee, National Academy of Sciences' Portrait Gallery of Distinguished African-American Scientists, National Academy of Sciences
2004 Mathematical Innovations Grant Award, National Science Foundation
2003 Martin Luther King, Jr. Visiting Professor of Physics, MIT
2002 Blackwell-Tapia Prize in Mathematics, Cornell University and the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute
1999 Hall of Fame inductee - Hunter College, C.U.N.Y., Hunter College, CUNY
1998 Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship Award, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
1998 Bass Fellow, Society of Bass Fellows, Duke University
1998 Faculty Early Career Grant Award, Nation Science Foundation
1996 Belizeans in Solidarity Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement, Belizean Organization, New York
1992 Sigma Xi, MIT
1986 Bell Laboratories Cooperative Fellowship Award, Bell Laboratories