Anton P. Tonchev

Adjunct Associate Professor

424 TUNL
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Ratio of germanium detector peak efficiencies at photon energies of 4.4 and 11.7 MeV: Experiment versus simulation
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Multipole mixing ratios of transitions in 11B.
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Photodisintegration Cross Section of 241Am.
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Dipole-Strength Distributions below the Giant Dipole Resonance in the Stable Even-Mass Molybdenum Isotopes.
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Recent Results from the Excitation of Dipole States at the HIγS Facility.
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Weak-coupling of the neutron hole in 207Pb to dipole excitations of 208Pb
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Reducing Parasitic Thermal Neutron Absorption in Graphite Reactors by 30%.
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Neutrons from a Proton-Driven Deuterium Target as a Possible Competitor to Spallation for Nuclear Energy Applications.
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Photoexcitation of astrophysically important states in 26Mg
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Photoexcitation of astrophysically important states in 26Mg.
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PhD - Dubna, Russia
MS - Plovdiv University, Bulgaria