Alfred T. Goshaw

J. B. Duke Professor

277 Physics
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(919) 660-2584


Measurements of Wg and Zg production in pp colisions at 8 TEV
Phys. Rev. D 87, 112003 (2013)

Seach for the rare Higgs boson decay H -> Z g
Physics Letters B (2013)

Measurment of Wgg production at the LHC
Physical Review Letters (2013)

Measurements of Wg and Zg production at the LHC and searches for anomalous triple gauge couplings and techni-mesons
to be submitted to PRD (2012)

Measurement of Wg and Zg production in pp collisions at root(s) = 7 TeV and limits on anomalous triple gauge couplings
Physics Letters B 717 (2012) 49-69 (2012)

Observation of a new particle in the search for the SM Higgs boson
Physics Letters B 176 (2012) 1-29. (2012)

Measurement of the W boson rare decay to a pion plus photon
Phys.Rev D 85, 032001 (2012) (2012)

Limits on Anomalous Gauge Couplings in Z-photon events
Phys. Rev. Letters 107, 051802 (2011) (2011)

Measurment of Angular Coefficients of e+ e- pairs in the Z mass region
Phys. Rev. Lettters 106, 241801 (2011) (2011)

Measurement of W-photon and Z-photon production at the LHC
JHEP 09, 072 (2011) (2011)

PhD - University of Wisconsin, Madison