Biophysics Videos and Images

The following are links to biophysics-related videos and images that various biophysics faculty and students have recommended as interesting. 

  • The video The Inner Life of a Cell is full of interesting examples of biophysics at the cellular and subcellular level: self-assembly of microtubules, kinesin motors that transport vesicles along microtubule railways, transcription of DNA followed by translation into proteins (how are errors avoided?), diffusion of intramembrane proteins in a liquid lipid bilayer, and so on. Most of what is shown in this movie is poorly understood, there is lots for an undergraduate to investigate!
  • Nature by Numbers, video inspired on numbers, geometry and nature, by Cristóbal Vila. See the related description of the video.
  • Powering the Cell: Mitochondria, visualization of ATP production inside a mitochondrion by same people (Biovisions) who made the The Inner Life of a Cell. Note the similarity between the rotating ATP-synthase molecules (which converts ADP to ATP) to flagellar motors.
  • Molecular Visulations of DNA,visualization of chromosome formation, translation, and transcription.
  • Movie of growing yeast cells from Professor Buchler's lab. Here a fluorescent protein has been fused to a target gene in a living cell and then time-lapse fluorescence microscopy was used to quantitatively measure the gene dynamics, such as bistability and oscillation.
  • Videos from the Firtel lab of the slime mold dictyosteliuim discoideumundergoing various collective dynamics such as aggregation. Dictyostelium is being intensely studied by biologists, physicists, and other scientists since it provides a simple example of cell differentiation followed by self-assembly into a multicellular structure as a response to environmental conditions.  More videos of dictyostelium pattern formation can be found at this site.
  • Howard Berg's research group has a fascinating collection of videos showing various single-cell animals moving about in different ways.