Baranger Group

Topical Area: Theoretical Nanophysics
Quantum Emergent Phenomena at the Nanoscale




Research Topics

The main interest of the group is the interplay between quantum interference and electron-electron interactions in nanostructures. We consider a wide range of electronic nanostructures: quantum dots, metalic nanoparticles, and carbon nanotubes, for instance. A variety of analtyic and computational techniques are used: random matrix theory, semiclassical methods, density functional theory, and quantum Monte Carlo simulation.

  • Strongly Interacting Electrons - D. Guclu and A. Mehta (with S. Chandrasekharan and C. Umrigar)
  • Quantum Dots in Carbon Nanotubes - D. Liu
  • Quantum Phase Transitions - J. Hoyos Neto (with S. Chandrasekharan)
  • Quantum Computing - E. Novais (with E. Mucciolo)
  • Conduction Through Single Molecules - S.-H. Ke (with W. Yang)


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