Name Degree Awarded Chair
Thesis Title
Callan, Kristine (G05) Ph.D Summer 2013 Gauthier Method to Sense Changes in Network Parameters with High-Speed, Nonlinear Dynamical Nodes
Cohen, Seth (G07) Ph.D Summer 2013 Gauthier Subwavelength Sensing Using Nonlinear Feedback in a Wave-Chaotic Cavity
Finelli, Kevin (G09) Ph.D Winter 2013 Kruse Inclusive Analysis of Top Quark Pair, W Boson Pair, and Drell-Yan Tau Lepton Pair Production in the Dilepton Final State from Proton-Proton Collisions at Center-of-Mass Energy 7 TeV with the ATLAS Detector
Kalutkiewicz, Kyle G(11) M.S. Spring 2013 Mehen  Photon Decay of X(3872) to D0-D0bar-Gamma in XEFT
Mehta, Abhijit (G06) Ph.D. Spring 2013 Baranger Zigzag Phase Transition in Quantum Wires and Localization in the Inhomogeneous One-Dimensional Electron Gas
Powell, Joshua (G06) Ph.D.

Winter 2013

Mehen Exotic States in Quarkonium Physics: Effective Theories of Heavy Mesonic Molecules and an AdS/QCD Model of Hybrid Quarkonium
Ren, Jie (G07) Ph.D Spring 2013 Behringer Nonlinear Dynamics and Network Properties in Granular Materials under Shear
Shi, Meizhen (G10) M.A. Winter 2013 Gauthier  
Sun, Mengyang (G07) Ph.D Winter 2013 Socolar Autonomous Boolean Modeling of Gene Regulatory Networks: Oscillators and Embryonic Cell Fate Specification
Yang, Yang (G07) Ph.D Summer 2013 Everitt /A.Brown  Gallium Nanoparticles Plasmonics


Zhang, Yingyi G(06)

Ph.D Spring 2013 Thomas  Radio Frequency Spectroscopy of a Quasi Two-Dimensional Fermi Gas
Zhang, Yujing (G10) M.A Spring 2013 Kruse  Development of a Data Acquisition System for the Upgrade of the ATLAS Sicilon Detector
Zheng, Huaixiu (G08) Ph.D. Summer 2013 Baranger  Interacting Photons in Waveguide-QED and Applications in Quantum Information Processing
Qiujian Ye (G08) Ph.D. Summer 2013 Gao Strangeness production in selected proton induced processes at COSY-ANKE


Name Degree Awarded Chair
Thesis Title
Albert, Joshua (G06) Ph.D. Spring 2012 Walter Indication of Electron Neutrino Appearance in an Accelerator-Produced Muon Neutrino Beam
Borzenets, Ivan (G06) Ph.D. Spring 2012 Finkelstein Graphene-based Josephson junctions: phase diffusion, effects of magnetic field, and mesoscopic properties
Broussard, Leah (G04) Ph.D. Spring 2012 Howell High Precision Measurement of the 19Ne Lifetime
Cao, Chenglin (G06) Ph.D. Spring 2012 Thomas Universal quantum viscosity in a unitary Fermi gas
Esterline, James (G03) Ph.D. Spring 2012 Tornow  Measurements of the Analyzing Power of Neutron Helium-3 Elastic Scattering Between 1.60 and 5.54 MeV
Farhadi, Somayeh (G07) Ph.D. Fall 2012 Behringer Shape Effects on Jamming of Granular Materials
Gong, Xinwei (G06) Ph.D. Summer 2012 Socolar Autonomous Modeling, Statistical Complexity and Semi-annealed Treatment of Boolean Networks
Greenberg, Joel (G05) Ph.D. Spring 2012 Gauthier Collective light-matter interactions via emergent order in cold atoms
Li, Baolei (G07) Ph.D Fall 2012 Warren  Novel Nonlinear Microscopy Techniques Based on Femtosecond Laser Pulse Shaping and Their Applications
Liu, Dong (G06) Ph.D. Spring 2012 Baranger Probing Exotic Boundary Quantum Phases with Tunable Nano-structure
Mebrahtu, Henok (G06) Ph.D. Spring 2012 Finkelstein Electron Transport through Carbon Nanotube Quantum Dots in Dissipative Environment "
Tang, Junyao (G06) Ph.D. Fall 2012 Behringer  Flow and Jamming of Granular Materials in a Two Dimensional Hopper
Wu, Wenzhong (G04) Ph.D. Summer 2012 Wu Feedback Systems for Control of Coupled-Bunch Instabilities in the Duke Storage Ring
Zeng, Yu (G05) Ph.D. Summer 2012 Kotwal An improved W boson mass measurement using the Collider Detector at Fermilab
Zheng, Wangzhi (G06) Ph.D. Spring 2012 Gao Search for New CP Violation Sources: nEDM Experiment and Spin-Dependent Short-Range Force Experiment


Name Degree Awarded Chair
Thesis Title
Jia, Botao (G04) Ph.D. Summer 2011 Wu Topics in FEL
Sokolow, Adam (G05) Ph.D. Spring 2011 Edwards Biophysical Investigation of Cell Oscillations and Cell Ingression in Tissue Dynamics
Tsai, Hung-Ming (G06) Ph.D Fall 2011 Mueller Entropy Production and Equilibration in Yang-Mills Quantum Mechanics


Name Degree Awarded Chair
Thesis Title
Chen, Wei (G04) Ph.D. Spring 2010 Gao A measurement of the differential cross section for the reaction γn → π-p from deuterium
Demir, Nasser (G04) Ph.D. Summer 2010 Bass Extraction of Hot QCD Matter Transport Coefficients Utilizing Microscopic Transport Theory
Henshaw, Seth (G05) Ph.D. Fall 2010 Weller An Investigation of the Isovector Giant Quadrupole Resonance in 209Bi using Polarized Compton Scattering
Joseph, James (G03) Ph.D. Spring 2010 Thomas Precision measurement of the sound velocity in an ultracold Fermi gas through the BEC-BCS crossover
Kidd, Mary (G04) Ph.D. Spring 2010 Tornow Double-Beta Decay of 150Nd to Excited Final States
Li, Peng (G03) Ph.D. Summer 2010 Chang Fluctuation Effect in One-Dimensional Superconducting Nanowires
Perdue, Brent Andrae (G00) Ph.D. Summer 2010 Weller Measurements of the Absolute Cross Section of the Three-body Photodisintegration of 3He between Eg = 11.4 MeV and 14.7 MeV at HIgS
Qian, Xin (G03) Ph.D. Summer 2010 Gao Measurement of Single Target-Spin Asymmetry in Semi-Inclusive Pion Production with a Transversely Polarized 3He Target
Wu, Phillip M (G03) PhD Spring 2010 Chang Electron Correlations and Spin in Asymmetric GaAs Quantum Point Contacts and Signatures of Structural Transitions in Hall Effect of FeSe
Xu, Huidong (G04) Ph.D. Spring 2010 Teitsworth Dynamics of Electronic Transport in Spatially-Extended Systems with Negative Differential Conductivity
Zong, Xing (G03) Ph.D. Spring 2010 Gao First study of 3-body Photodisintegration of 3He with Double Polarization at HIGS


Name Degree Awarded Chair
Thesis Title
Foreman, John (G02) Ph.D. Summer 2009 Everitt Photoexcited Emission Efficiencies of Zinc Oxide
Hu, Jie (G02) Ph.D. Spring 2009 Mehen Effective Field Theory for Doubly Heavy Baryons and Lattice QCD
Kundtz, Nathan B (G04) Ph.D. Fall 2009 Smith Advances in Complex Electromagnetic Media
Neufeld, R. Bryon (G04) Ph.D. Summer 2009 Mueller The Response of Hot QCD Matter to Hard Probes
Norrell, Hans (G04) Ph.D. Summer 2009 Socolar Network Dynamics and Systems Biology
Shekhar, Ravi (G05) MS 2009 Kotwal A Search for the Higgs Boson in the ZH Dilepton Decay Channel at CDF II
Sun, Changchun (G04) Ph.D. Fall 2009 Wu Characterization and diagnostics of Compton light source


Name Degree Awarded Chair
Thesis Title
Berger, Carolyn (G02) Ph.D. Fall 2008 Gauthier Evidence for an Unfolded Border-Collision Bifurcation in Paced Cardiac Tissue
Callan, Kristine MS 2008 Gauthier Broadband Chaos Generated in a Time-Delayed Opto-Electronic Device
Cecile, D.J. (G00) Ph.D. Spring 2008 Chandrasekharan Modeling Pions on the Lattice
Clancy, Bason (G02) Ph.D. Spring 2008 Thomas Hydrodynamics of a Rotating Strongly Interacting Fermi Gas
Dawes, Andrew (G02) Ph.D. Spring 2008 Gauthier Using Transverse Optical Patterns for Ultra-low-light All-optical Switching
Deng, Jianrong (G02) Ph.D. Spring 2008 Goshaw Measurement of Z + Photon Production and Search for Anomalous Triple Gauge Couplings in Proton-Antiproton Collision at S=1.96 TeV
Dobrovolny, Hana (G00) Ph.D. Summer 2008 Gauthier Spatial Variation of Cardiac Restitution and the Onset of Alternans
Dunn, Alan (G05) MA 2008 Plesser Two-dimensional String Theory and Flux Vacua
Hidas, Dean (G02) Ph.D. Fall 2008 Kruse Search For Standard Model Higgs Bosons Decaying to W-Boson Pairs in pp Collisions at sqrt(s) = 1.96 TeV
Hutcheson, Anthony (G04) Ph.D. Summer 2008 Tornow Neutron-Induced Partial Gamma-Ray Cross-Section Measurements on Uranium
Kiser, Matthew (G02) Ph.D. Summer 2008 Howell Development of a System for Real-Time Measurements of Metabolite Transport in Plants Using Short-Lived Positron-Emitting Radiotracers
Luo, Le (G02) Ph.D. Spring 2008 Thomas Entropy and Superfluid Critical Parameters of a Strongly Interacting Fermi Gas
Ye, Qiang (Alan) (G02) Ph.D. Fall 2008 Gao 3He Relaxation Time Measurements at Low Temperatures for the Neutron Electric Dipole Moment (NEDM) Experiment
Yu, Peidong (G02) Ph.D. Summer 2008 Behringer Stick-slip in a 2D Granular Medium


Name Degree Awarded Chair
Thesis Title
Blackston, Matthew (G02) Ph.D. Summer 2007 Weller High Precision Analyzing Power Measurement for the d(g,n)p Reaction at 14 and 16 MeV
Bunton, T. Brian (G00) Ph.D. Summer 2007 Springer Hadron Mass Dependence of Heavy Baryon Chiral Perturbation Theory
Choi, Soojeong (G01) Ph.D. Fall 2007 Everitt Spectroscopic Ellipsometry of Group-III Adatom Kinetics on III-N Semiconductor Surfaces
Marts, Brad (G01) Ph.D. 2007 Lin Dynamics and Pattern Formation in a Parametrically Forced Oscillatory Reaction-diffusion System
Mukhopadhyay, Shomeek (G03) Ph.D. Fall 2007 Behringer Dynamics of Driven Contact Lines


Name Degree Awarded Chair
Thesis Title
Carron Montero, Sebastian Ph.D. Summer 2006 Kruse Measurement of the tt, WW and Z->tau tau Production Cross Sections in pp Collisions at sqrt(s)=1.96 TeV
Chuang, Yao-Li Ph.D. Fall 2006 Bertozzi Stability and Scalability of 2D Swarming Patterns
Hoe, Chee Liang MA 2006 Samei  
Jeong, Heejeong Ph.D. Spring 2006 Gauthier Direct Observation of Optical Precursors in a Region of Anomalous Dispersion
Jiang, Fu-Jiun Ph.D. Summer 2006 Chandrasekharan The Phase Diagram of Two Color Lattice QCD at Strong Coupling
Kaul, Ribhu Ph.D. Spring 2006 Baranger Interacting Electrons and Quenched Randomness: Mesoscopic Kondo Problem to the Kondo Lattice
Kinast, Joe Ph.D. Spring 2006 Thomas Thermodynamics and Superfluidity of a Strongly Interacting Fermi Gas
Ko, Hyun-Kyung MA 2006 Edwards  
Lee, Chang-Won Ph.D. Spring 2006 Everitt Energy Transfer and Relaxation Dynamics of Europium-doped GaN
Li, Meng-Ru Ph.D. Spring 2006 Greenside Propagation of Bursts through Noisy Heterogenious Synfire Chains: A Theoretical Study with Application to the Songbird Nucleus HVC
Longhi, Emily (G00) Ph.D. Fall 2006 Litvinenko Coherent Harmonic Generation in Storage Ring Free Electron Lasers
Majmudar, Trushant Ph.D. Summer 2006 Behringer Experimental Study of Granular Systems Under Compression and Shear via Grain-Scale Contact Force Measurements
Makarovski, Alex Ph.D. Spring 2006 Finkelstein Nanoscale Transport In Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes with Doubly Degenerate Orbitals
Prior, Matthew Ph.D. Spring 2006 Finkelstein Low Temperature Scanning Probe Microscopy of Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes
Priyadarshee, Anand (G99) Ph.D. Summer 2006 Baranger Quantum Critical Behavior of Hard Core Boson
Rinke, Sven Ph.D. Spring 2006 Plesser Worldsheet Approach to Strings and D-Branes
Roychowdhury, Samadrita Ph.D. Spring 2006 Litvinenko High Brightness Electron and Photon Beams
Sabourov, Amanda Ph.D. Spring 2006 Weller Understanding7Li(d,n)8Be Reaction at Astrophysically Relevant Energies
Saunders, Robert Ph.D. Spring 2006 Samei Impact of Physical Measures of Image Quality on Diagnosis
Tighe, Brian Ph.D. Summer 2006 Socolar Force Distributions and Stress Response in Granular Materials
Uehara, Jun MS 2006 Behringer Vertically Vibrated Powder
Wambaugh, John Ph.D. Summer 2006 Behringer The Physics of Dense Granular Matter


Name Degree Awarded Chair
Thesis Title
Chalut, Kevin Ph.D. Spring 2005 Litvinenko SVD-Based Tomography and Its Application to Electron Beam Data in Duke OK-4
Melnikov, Ilarion V. Ph.D. Spring 2005 Plesser Application of Topological Field Theory to String Propagation on Non-Trivial Backgrounds
Park, Sung Ha Ph.D. Spring 2005 Finkelstein Self-Assembled DNA Nanostructures and DNA-Templated Silver Nanowires
Tretiakov, Oleg Ph.D. Summer 2005 Matveev Theory of Decay of Metastable States in Resonant Tunneling Structures
Vorojtsov, Serguei Ph.D. Spring 2005 Baranger Quantum Dots: Coulomb Blockade, Mesoscopic Fluctuations, and Qubit Decoherence


Name Degree Awarded Chair
Thesis Title
Gerberich, Heather Ph.D. Summer 2004 Kotwal Search for Excited or Exotic Electron Production Using the Dielectron + Photon Signature at CDF in Run II
Harrington, Ilan Ph.D. Summer 2004 Socolar Stabilizing High-Dimensional Dynamical Systems Using Time-Delayed Feedback
Kapudere, Turan MA 2004 Weller  
Kirby, Michael Ph.D. Fall 2004 Goshaw Measurement of W+gamma Production in Proton-Antiproton Collisions at root (s)=1.96TeV
Macri, Robert Ph.D. Spring 2004 Howell Star-Configuration Cross-Section Measurements of Neutron-Induced Deuteron Breakup at 10.3 and 13.0 MeV
Stenner, Michael Ph.D. Spring 2004 Gauthier Measurement of the Information Velocity in Fast-and Slow-Light Optical Pulse Propagation
Zeigler, Julie MA 2004 Plesser  


Name Degree Awarded Chair
Thesis Title
Blakely, Jonathan Ph.D. Summer 2003 Gauthier Experimental Control of a Fast Chaotic Time-Delay Opto-Electronic Device
Gehm, Michael Ph.D. Spring 2003 Thomas Preparation of an Optically-Trapped Degenerate Fermi Gas of 6LI: Finding the Route to Degeneracy
Geng, Junfei Ph.D. Summer 2003 Behringer Force Propagation and Fluctuations in Granular Materials
Hartley, Robert Ph.D. Spring 2003 Behringer Evolving Force Networks in Deforming Granular Materials
Hemmer, Staci MA 2003 Thomas  
Lancaster, Justin Ph.D. Summer 2003 Oh Strangeness Production in Minimum Bias and Jet Data
Ozgur, Umit Ph.D. Spring 2003 Everitt Ultrafast Spectroscopy of Group III-Nitride Semiconductor Heterostructures
Reil, Frank Ph.D. Spring 2003 Thomas Two-Window Heterodyne Methods to Characterize Light Fields
Sabourov, Konstantin Ph.D. Summer 2003 Weller A Unique Set of Transition Matrix Elements for the 2H(d,y)4He Reaction at E"beam"=115 KeV
Tajima, Shigeyuki Ph.D. Fall 2003 Howell Measurements of the Electric Form Factor of the Neutron at Q2=0.45 and 1.13 (GeV/c)2
Tokutake, Yoichiro Ph.D. Fall 2003 Edwards Biophysical Investigation of Dorsal Closure in "Drosophila": Robustness Endowed by the Adaptive Character of Epithelial Cellular Sheets


Name Degree Awarded Chair
Thesis Title
Brozovic, Marina Ph.D. Summer 2002 Goshaw Studies of the W/Z Production Associated with Direct Photons
Dutt, Meenakshi Ph.D. Fall 2002 Behringer Numerical Studies of Substrate Friction in Granular Materials
Granade, Stephen Ph.D. Fall 2002 Thomas All-Optical Production of a Degenerate Gas of 6LI Characterization of Degeneracy
Hornish, Michael Ph.D. Summer 2002 DeBraeckeleer Double Beta Decay of 100Mo and 150Nd to Excited Final States
Hutcheson, Anthony MS 2002 Tornow  
Lee, Kim Fook Ph.D. Fall 2002 Thomas Exploration of Similarities Between Classical Wave Mechanics and Quantum Mechanics
Nelson, Stephen Ph.D. Spring 2002 Weller Evidence for a Reconance at Ep=127 keV in the 14N(p,gamma)15O


Name Degree Awarded Chair
Thesis Title
Canon, R. Shane Ph.D. Fall 2001 Weller Polarized Proton Capture on Tritium at Proton Energies Below 80 KeV
Crowell, Alexander Ph.D. Fall 2001 Howell Cross-Section Measurements of Star Configurations in Neutron-Deutron Breakup at 16.0 MeV
Crowley, Brendon MS Fall 2001 Weller  
Ferri, John MA 2001 Johnson  
Neidel, Elizabeth MS 2001 Tornow  
Neuman, Charles Ph.D. Spring 2001 O'Shea Coherent Off-Axis Undulator Radiation
Wymore, Allison Ph.D. Fall 2001 Johnson T1p and Local Field Gradients in High Field Magnetic Resoncance Microscopy


Name Degree Awarded Chair
Thesis Title
Carey, Michael Ph.D. Fall 2000 Behringer Binary Porous Convection
Kogan, Andrei Ph.D. 2000 Meyer Thermodynamics and Hydrodynamics of a Highly Compressible Fluid: He3 Near the Liquid-Vapor Critical Point
O'Hara, Kenneth Ph.D. Fall 2000 Thomas Optical Trapping and Evaporative Cooling of Fermionic Atoms
Painter, Benjamin Ph.D. Fall 2000 Behringer Dynamics of 2D Granular Systems on a Surface
Park, Seong Hee Ph.D. Spring 2000 Litvinenko Characteristics of the Duke/OK-4 Storage Ring FEL and Gamma-Ray Source
Schreiber, Eric Ph.D. 2000 Weller Measurement of a High-Intensity Gamma-Ray Beam and the Analyzing Power for 2H(y,n)p Near Threshhold
Steen, Mark Ph.D. 2000 Behringer Convection of Binary Fluids in Porous Media
Physics Alumni: 1986 to 1999
Physics Alumni: 1963 to 1985
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